Making the (Failing) Grade
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 21st January 2017

November 28, 2014 10:24 pm ET

County schools plagued by violence under Superintendent Dance’s watch

Source: Making the (Failing) Grade

Photo credit – Baltimore Sun

In Baltimore County Public Schools, students are supposed to learn the ABCs. However, it seems that the lessons all start with the letter “F” instead.

Numerous people have decried the anarchy. Listen to what they tell you. Listen closely. They are describing utter chaos in our learning institutions that border on insanity.

Who are these people?

They are parents, students, teachers, and even police officers who all have children in these insane asylums.

Pretty harsh words, I admit. But, when you hear stories of students defecating in the middle of a classroom from two different teachers in two different schools, I would say that asylum fits the bill.

It makes one wonder who is responsible for this utter madness.

Not long ago, I wrote a blog on school bus violence. Soon afterward, I found out that the same issues these bus drivers have dealt with transcended into the classrooms of our county schools.

A while back, the Baltimore Sun featured a front page story on the number of workers comp cases involving teachers in the city who were injured as a result of being assaulted by students.

Remember this story about Mr. Vince Gardina?

Well, folks, as I have screamed out many times, the county is quickly becoming an extension of the city, as the situations I’m going to describe have taken place in our own backyard. Let’s all take a look at some of the situations relayed to me by parents and teachers who endure the unendurable in our learning institutions.

One mother described visiting her child’s school—as she was walking down the hallway, she heard a constant barrage of the “F word” and its various forms. The woman said she was not only shocked hearing this type of language echo through the hallways, but also by the complete lack of response by anyone in authority.

I asked her where the teachers or the SRO (School Resource Officer) were during all of this foul language usage, and she stated that they were nowhere to be found.

To be fair to the faculty, I’ve talked to teachers who are afraid to do anything because the administration fails to take any action. The lack of discipline all stems from Dr. Dallas Dance’s PC agenda, which has run amuck.

In the three situations—one on a bus and two in classrooms—of students defecating in public, the offending students were back in class the very next day.

Let me just say that if you did the same thing in the middle of a store or an office building, you’d be in the lockup a heck of a lot longer than 24 hours.

In one instance, after a teacher was assaulted, the teacher was told by the principal “not to make a fuss” about the situation because it would look bad.

Translation: the incident would not fall in line with the board of education’s policy of PC-ness.

There are more horror stories that I can relay, but they all make the same point loud and clear—our schools are in crisis mode. Teachers are constantly threatened by self-righteous students who feel they have the constitutional right to act like animals. And, the worst part is that these students are being protected by the County—specifically the Kamenetz administration, the County Council, the School Board, and Dr. Dance himself.

The latter should have been fired a long time ago, in my humble (or not so humble) opinion.

Why, you may ask? For one, his program of giving each student a free laptop may be flawed as it was recently scrapped in one school district because of a host of problems, such as students accessing porn sites and damaged computers, just to name a few.

Additionally, Dr. Dance has encountered ethical issues while serving as the superintendent of Baltimore County Public Schools, including the forced removal of a parent at a public forum on the not-so-popular Common Core curriculum.

To make matters worse, test scores in Baltimore County continue to decline. And even though the rest of the state is following that path, why should our schools do the same? After all, didn’t we bring in Dr. Dance to make things better?

You may be wondering, “Who’s minding the store?” This section from the code should answer that question.

Sec. 1008. Subpoena power.

The county council, the county executive, the county administrative officer, the personnel and salary advisory board, the county board of appeals, the county auditor and such other officers or agencies of the county as may be so empowered by legislative act of the county council or otherwise by law shall have the power to administer oaths, to compel the attendance of witnesses and to require the production of records and other materials in connection with any investigation, inquiry or hearing authorized by this Charter or by law.

The simple answer is that NO ONE is minding the store. The Council is too busy making deals with developers, the Ethics Commission is playing bridge, and the Auditor is counting the losses piling up over selling county land.

As a final note on the whole sorry state of education, this article appeared in the Sun and was stomach churning:

A student will no longer read the morning announcements at Catonsville High School after dropping the Pledge of Allegiance on Tuesday in favor of a minute of silence for those who lost their lives to police brutality.

The student also broadcast details for protests occurring in Baltimore later that day.

Unabridged insanity. I get the whole freedom of expression thing, but that is just a slap in the face, folks. School announcements are not the place to debate the Ferguson issue, especially in a scenario where one student gets to impose his agenda upon the rest of the school.

Once again, who’s running the asylum?

The bottom line of this out-of-control conduct and the violence that goes unchecked in our schools leads to one conclusion—Dr. Dance should be fired or resign.

Do you think for one minute that this type of conduct would be allowed in schools like Calvert Hall or Loyola?

Dr. Dance came here without proper credentials, and his PC agenda is clearly putting our children at risk.

That, folks, is a recipe for an utter failure.

Class dismissed…

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