Exclusive Update: Suspect Identified by Police, Marks Speaks Out on School Violence
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 20th January 2018
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Exclusive update:  The Baltimore Post can now confirm through the Baltimore County Police Department that Darren Keith Bennett, Jr. has been arrested in relation to fight captured on video.

The Post is confirmed that Bennett is a student at PHHS and reportedly a former member of the school’s football team.

Witnesses told the Post that they observed a raid on an apartment in the Perry Hall area, during which the suspect was arrested.

Sources also stated that the fight started because of a drug-related issue.

This statement was released by the Baltimore County Police website:

Baltimore County Police Update

This letter was released by Councilman David Marks to the Interim Superintendent of Baltimore County Public Schools, Verletta White.

The Baltimore Post found the below quote taken from a comment on Councilman David Marks’ Facebook page. The quote references the recent violent episode captured on a cell phone video, which the Post covered as a Breaking News item.

“This type of behavior should never be acceptable. This school, like many other county schools, is overcrowded. It is difficult for teachers and staff to control what is going on. The letter from the principal never lets parents know exactly what is going on, just that an incident occurred. I had to search online after reading the email. Although the letter says the incident is being investigated and that no clear threat was made to the other students or staff, we as parents have a right to know and decide if it is safe for our kids to attend school, which is sad because this should be a nonissue.”

The Post has addressed the continuing crisis inside BCPS in numerous columns, so we find the person making the quote to be rather appropriate, considering this violence within the county schools has been ongoing for years.

There are numerous issues that contributed to this crisis, and those issues continue to go unabated.  We will list a few of what we believe to be the very root causes of this toxic problem.

We believe that the Baltimore County Executive, Kevin Kamenetz, has not addressed these issues after being in office for almost 8 years.  Remember, Mr. Kamenetz brought in Dr. Dallas Dance, who was not qualified to take the superintendent position.

Remember, Mr. Kamenetz is planning on running for governor of the state of Maryland. The Post believes that there is a deliberate attempt to maintain a positive image of BCPS despite the ongoing carnage.

We strongly suggest you read our column dealing with another incident of violence that occurred at the Holabird Middle School, which will shed more light on the ongoing crisis at BCPS.

Below is a comment from Councilman Marks that is rather perplexing, considering this is not a new, or even developing, situation; rather, it is a cancer that has been ravaging BCPS for years.

It’s time for the school system to step up and do everything possible to guarantee a culture of discipline at Perry Hall High School—and across Baltimore County.

Councilman Marks, who along with other council members controls the purse strings for BCPS?  For those who don’t know the answer to that question, the Baltimore County Council decides to pass, increase, or cut the budgets for both the Baltimore County Government and BCPS.

Sources have claimed that the latest fight caught on video allegedly originated over a drug deal, but that has yet to be confirmed.

If you take the time to read the entire Facebook post from Councilman Marks, you will notice that the principal of Perry Hall High School wants to be transparent. Based on information that we have received, that statement is somewhat misleading. Citizens who have called the school to get information have to leave a message and hope for a return call.

BCPS has closed its doors and circled the wagons adding fuel to the existing and ongoing controversy. Often times the information they release is misleading as the Post revealed in this coverage of the removal of the Dundalk High’s principal.  The Post stood by its story which was later confirmed statement by BCPS.

So much for transparency.

This violence will only stop when those in power actually make an honest effort to end the carnage rather than just provide more lip service. To reference an old idiom, just where does the buck stop and on whose desk?

We suggest it stop at the desks of Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz and interim school superintendent Verletta White.


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