Maryland community reacts to New Zealand mosques terror attack
Posted by Associated Press on 15th March 2019
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At least 49 people are dead and dozens more hurt after a mass shooting at two mosques in New Zealand.Police presence has been increased at mosques in the area. There have been no threats, but the police departments wanted to be there to ease people’s minds.There has been a show of support from all faiths as the Muslim community deals with the tragedy in New Zealand. As members were arriving for Friday service, people of other faiths at the Owen Brown Interfaith Center in Columbia welcomed them with hugs and support.”Healing takes time and we know that we need each other for that healing to happen not to be considering each other different and there than ourselves but unified as a community,” said Reverend Paige Getty. The council on American-Islamic Relations, The Nation’s Largest Muslim Civil Rights and Advocacy organization strongly condemned the terror attacks.At a joint press conference with other Muslim leaders they talked about the heartbreak caused by the senseless massacre. And what they can do to begin healing.”While the perpetrators of this crime must be served justice. We must also take on the culture of hate and justice that inspires these attacks against humanity. An attack on one faith community is an attack on all faith communities,” said a spokeswoman with the organization.The civil rights organization is urging Maryland Muslim communities to remain calm and vigilant.