McDonough Calls for MD’s AG to Investigate BCPS Violence; Baltimore County Police Department
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 6th June 2017


Police administration playing hide and seek with information on violence

Before I get into Delegate Pat McDonough’s press release, there is one important topic I need to discuss.  The video linked below depicts potential serious life threatening injuries the victim may have suffered as a result of a viscous assault.  In my view, this was attempted murder due to the severity of the attack.  As you watch the video, you will notice the suspect standing on the back of the unidentified victim, stomping on his head and neck and driving them against the floor of the school bus.

In my opinion, there is a potential for traumatic brain injury and spinal cord and neck injuries.  Ponder this for a moment – had this been a motor vehicle crash, how much money do you think could have been awarded to the victim of this savage attack?

The following email was sent to Elise Armacost regarding this incident:

Ms. Armacost:

Can you advise me of the police report number on this vicious and serious assault?

Ms. Armacost responded by requesting the date of the assault which was then provided by the Post.


One more encouraging piece of information came form the State Ombudsmen in this email regarding two unanswered PIA’s filled by the  Post.


On 6/6/2017 8:46 AM, Clark, Janice wrote:

Mr. Beeler,

I am writing to give you a quick update on your request for PIA Mediation with the Baltimore County Public School System. Ms. Kershner has scheduled a meeting with the PIA coordinator of the school system this Friday. She should have an update for you after that meeting. We are also aware that you also have an outstanding PIA request with the Baltimore County Government. She is working on both issues.

Thank you for your patience.


With that said, here is the press release from Delegate Pat McDouough, which is published as written:

News Conference

Tuesday, June 6, 2017, 10 AM

136 Carrol Island Road Middle River MD 21220

(Walmart Shopping Center)


Delegate Pat McDonough demands police investigation into Baltimore County Public Schools weapons incidents. An alarming increase of 35% in just 2 years, but the system does not retain data or initiate action to solve the problem. I copy of a recent letter to Chief Sheridan of the Baltimore County Police Department follows.

June 2, 2017

Dear Chief Sheridan,

I has been brought to my attention that an alarming increase in weapons incidents have occurred in the Baltimore County Public Schools in the past two years. According to Fox 45 News, in a special report, there has been a 35% increase during the past two years. This translates into 311 weapons incidents. In Baltimore City, which has a much higher and serious crime problem than Baltimore County, there were 329 incidents. At the present rate of increase, the County will surpass the City this year. This situation does not make sense considering the problems confronting Baltimore City.

To make matters worse, the reporters at Fox 45 have been told by Dr. Dallas Dance that there are no specific statistics or data available regarding the details of these incidents. For example, was there a firearm, knife, or something else involved in an incident? I believe these facts are important in order to develop a strategy or policy that can reduce, or prevent, this growing problem. It would seem impossible to create an answer to this problem without knowing all of the details.

I believe there may also be a violation of state law if the firearm incidents are not reported, officially, to law enforcement for investigation and possible prosecution. This problem goes beyond a school responsibility and into the arena of public safety. If a tragedy occurred tomorrow and a child was seriously injured, or lost their life, in Baltimore County, it would become front page news. The citizens, parents, teachers and other children would want to know, and deserve to know, what the responsible public officials have been doing about this problem. At this point, based on what Dr. Dallas Dance is telling news reporters, nothing, in terms of discovery or investigation, has been initiated.

I am forwarding a letter to the Attorney General requesting his opinion on this matter. I am asking the Baltimore County Police Department to conduct an investigation into why there is not a serious attempt to address a dangerous situation that appears to be growing worse. I will be researching through the attorneys in the legislative bill office as to whether or not legislation is required to resolve this situation. I would appreciate any response or information you can provide that indicates that there has been a formal investigation of this matter with an attempt to develop a resolution. In advance, thank you for any cooperation you may provide.

Delegate Pat McDonough

410-238-0025 or Cell 410-303-8864

On a final note, as a result of the Post investigation into the BCPS violence issues, we have been in direct contact with Delegate Ric Metzgar (R-6) and  Senator Johnny Salling (R-6) regarding this crisis.

Delegate Metzgar issued a press release that will be printed in an upcoming column, while Senator Salling promised to keep the public informed through the media about his efforts to deal with this ongoing problem.

It should be noted that this is a county-wide problem, yet no county council members, state delegates, state senators, or any of the announced candidates, including those running for county executive, have spoken out on this issue.

Shame on them!

More to come on this fast paced story…

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