McDonough Takes Issue With Sun Article On Truth
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 15th January 2017

July 26, 2012 5:03 pm ET

Delegate contacts this blogger to set record straight.

Source: McDonough Takes Issue With Sun Article On Truth

Delegate Pat McDonough contacted this blogger after this article appeared in the Baltimore Sun dealing with Del. Neil Parrott.  In regards to that contact I am posting his reply below.


First, Annie Linskey LIED. She never interviewed me for the article and I never made the comment. Neil and I worked very well together on the petition campaign and in Annapolis. The only observation I ever made was that the Internet process was only part of the success story. There were tens of thousands of grassroots volunteer’s who collected signatures the old fashion way from people who did not have computers. There were at least 25 volunteers working out of my office every day collecting tens of thousands of signatures. I have the phone bills to prove it. Annie Linskey and her co conspirators from the beginning decided their entire coverage was going to be about the computer system because they believed that would be a vulnerable issue in a challenging lawsuit. They were wrong. Their friends at Casa De Maryland lost the lawsuit.

From the beginning of the campaign Neil and I worked very well together. It was understood my Job as Honorary Chairman was to promote the effort on a regular basis. With my good relations at FOX45 and WCBM we managed to get a story and promotion out every day. The other media, besides the Sun, also helped . Every time a story appeared the number of signatures spiked tremendously both in the field and on Internet. Neil has confirmed this many times in public remarks.

Delegate Parrot every day conducted a professional and effected job with the Internet and the campaign. We maintained a great relationship and frankly never disagreed on strategy.

As I said before and let me make this perfectly clear Annie Linskey LIED. Annie Linskey never interview me for the article. It is Annie Linskley and her co conspirator’s who want to destroy the conservatives and the Citizenship Rights Movement. Its called Conquer and Divide. For the past 10 years I have fought against Illegal Immigration both on a National and Statewide Level. Just last week 200 supporters attended and other and another 400 forwarded letters at our “ANTI INSTATE TUITION RALLY”an in Baltimore County . As you may have noticed Annie Linskey did not report on that success story. I will continue to campaign for the defeat of the Instate tuition referendum, Inform the public about this issues on my radio and television programs and aggressively do my work in the General Assembly. Always remember “Truth and knowledge Guarantee Liberty”.

Delegate Pat McDonough

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