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Posted by Buzz Beeler on 21st January 2017

September 25, 2016 1:27 am ET

Formerly unbiased, the media is more liberal than ever

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There was a day, long ago, when the mainstream media was a champion for calling the issues right down the middle in a fair and unbiased way.

Needless to say, in many instances, those days are long gone.

The crux of this column/blog deals with the liberal media and its attempt to stoke the racial flames by reporting stories that lack essential facts needed for the audience to be informed, rather than influenced.

To be blunt, The Baltimore Sun and some local TV stations have gone so far left that they are no longer credible when it comes to reporting the truth.

In the recent death of Tawon Boyd, a 21-year-old African American man, this headline spewed forth from the Sun:

Man dies 3 days after allegedly fighting with Baltimore County Police

WJZ TV 13 also reported on the story and, in my opinion, was far more balanced than the left-wing Sun. WJZ also interviewed Boyd’s family at length, as well as police spokeswoman Elise Armacost.

It is extremely important to watch both versions of the report by two different media outlets, the Sun and WJZ, because what is reported in the Sun is a classic example of media bias and lame reporting.

Before I get into the facts in more detail, let’s look at what the public thinks of the liberal media, which will stop at nothing to push forth its agenda.

These polls reveal that the public’s distrust of the media rivals the figures of the public’s distrust in Congress, which is at one of the lowest points in its history at 8%.

Let’s focus on this case, but allow me for a moment to rely on some personal experience in dealing with these types of violent confrontational issues.

There is no police officer alive that likes to respond to these types of calls.

Why, you may ask?

Because they are extremely dangerous and unpredictable. I have been involved in a situation where as many as 8 officers were needed to bring two teenaged boys suffering from the effects of LSD under control. The boys were actually eating each other’s flesh as it were some kind of treat.

After getting them to the hospital, and getting them restrained, the emergency room physician advised us that giving them more medication to counteract the LSD would kill them.

I could spend hours describing the effects of someone on drugs and the superhuman strength they seem to acquire, along with the factor they are oblivious to pain.

Now, in this case, the Sun reporter, Carrie Wells, paints a very deceptive report of the situation.

How so, you may ask?

Let’s start from the beginning.

One of Carrie’s quotes was, “Boyd’s family said his kidneys and heart failed.”

Rather presumptive, I think, since there was no autopsy done yet.

And then we have this statement: “I kept telling them stop before they hurt him because I told them they could kill him like that.”

The man’s grandmother stated that Boyd “was acting kind of strange, like he was on something.” Additional information, as reported by WJZ, stated that Boyd was attempting to get into the police vehicles and was involved in a violent struggle as a result of being under the influence of drugs and alcohol, which his own girlfriend told arriving officers according to the reporter from Channel 13.

The family is now claiming that the police used excessive force.

Again, I will tell you from my own experience as a 30-year veteran police officer that people on drugs can be extremely violent and out of control, as described by these quotes in the follow-up Sun article:

Police said it was Boyd who called 911. When an officer who arrived at the scene tried to speak with Boyd, he “started running and screaming,” according to a police report. He then tried to get into a police car. Officers ran across the street to stop Boyd, who started yelling for someone to call the police, according to the report.

This man was out of control and under the influence of drugs and alcohol, which typically impairs a person’s response to any verbal commands. The only way to bring a person of this type under control so he does not hurt himself, officers, or other civilians is to physically restrain him.

There was no escalation of force by police, such as the use of a taser, as this device under the circumstances could possibly cause more damage.

To show how lame the attorney’s words were, here is what the Sun reported in a video clip, which I would call a most biased assessment filled with falsehoods that went unchallenged by said reporters.

A man high on drugs and alcohol and acting out of control is certainly a danger to not only himself but to anyone around him. For that attorney to claim that this was only a medical call was completely false.

In both initial reports, the first call came into the 911 center as the Sun reported:

They said Boyd’s girlfriend had called 911 and said he was acting “crazy.”

In the follow-up Sun article titled:

At vigil, mourning and calls for justice, even after a slanted and biased title, the article reveals that Boyd called 911 after a shouting match with his girlfriend.

Now one would think they might want to ask the attorney what the hell she was talking about referring to it as strictly a medical call.

I might note that if the medic unit feels the need for police to be on the scene, then there will be police on the scene.

In the end, the only one who makes any sense regarding this entire matter is Elise Armacost, who actually speaks to the facts known at this time and cautions against drawing any conclusions.

You know, like what was done in the Freddy Gray case. And we all know how that turned out, don’t we?

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