MTA Develops Bus Routes Without Community Input to Flood TPA With Cheap Labor
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 30th November 2017

Video provided by The Baltimore Post.


What is interesting about the newly proposed bus routes is that, as we had reported earlier, much of negotiations were done behind the community’s back.

The “behind closed doors” dealings are evidenced in our exclusive articles regarding the published emails the Post obtained through a PIA; these emails emanated from Aaron Tomarchio and were sent to various political leaders who supported TPA’s agenda.

Numerous attempts by one community leader to contact MTA officials over their claim of previous community involvement fell on deaf ears.

Once again, we would like to emphasize who is directly connected to TPA. One of the main players in this mammoth business venture is Jim Davis, who owns a multi-billion dollar company known as Allegis.  By the way, his cousin is the owner of the Baltimore Ravens. It’s all about power and money.

The Post must be touching a nerve someplace because our report on the concussion scare to Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco garnered a response from the NFL regarding the video the Post; they removed it.  Just connect the dots: Steve Biscotti is the owner of the Baltimore Ravens, Jim Davis is his cousin who owns the company Allegis, who also connected to Tradepoint Atlantic.

Video credit/CBS Sports

The point we are trying to make is that when you report the truth and it impacts the rich, powerful and well-connected, it sometimes ruffles some feathers.

Oops, they did it again–they shot the messenger.

Now back to the issue at hand. Isn’t it rather strange that the MTA can complete a very complicated bus schedule in just a couple of months? What is even more repugnant is that MTA expects the public hearings to actually have an impact. This is not the impression we received upon talking to at least one MTA representative at the meeting held at North Point Library. The bottom line to the conversation it that the bus route decision is already a done deal.

The three speakers featured in the video are Gloria Nelson from Turners Station in Dundalk, Aaron Tomarchio from TPA and Scott Pappas from the Fort Howard Community Association.

We believe the bus routes were developed for one reason and one reason only–they will continue to provide Tradepoint Atlantic with a continuous flow of cheap labor. Read the following quote carefully because it is very important and shows how this whole issue of the new bus routes came about from behind closed doors:

“I am working with several community leaders to try to generate support in getting MTA bus transit service extended to serve Tradepoint Atlantic/Sparrows Point. Wanted to get your thoughts and see if we can develop a coordinated strategy on Link and the other legislative issues of interest to TPA.”

Stay tuned, folks, because there are a lot more revealing and quite disturbing emails that we will be releasing in the future.

Sadly, you will not read any of this kind of material in what we were now refer to as the lamestream media.  They are too busy taking dictation from the powers that be.

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Let’s be truthful here, folks. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what is going on with the MTA. If anyone can explain to us how an issue this complicated can be reconfigured in less than four months, we’d love to hear about it. This whole issue was done well in advance, and the public hearing announcements almost make a mockery of the community’s input.

This quote may add some insight to our statement:

“We are still waiting for the Governor’s manufacturing bill to be introduced so we can begin to offer potential amendments that would include TPA. We are also closely tracking the Governor’s budget while working with the Governor’s Chief of Staff to secure funding for MTA to provide bus service to TPA.”



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In summary:  It boggles the mind how our politicians can give millions of our hard earned tax dollars to corporate entities that have enough capital to buy and sell Baltimore County. These decisions go beyond the pale of any reasonable person. We say that because all indicators are that the majority of jobs being offered at TPA will be low-paying, cheap labor positions that will ultimately cost taxpayers more money than what is commonly known as The Walmart Impact.

Additionally, why should the taxpayers be responsible for infrastructure upgrades that TPA requires of local communities like Colgate, which suffers with inadequate and failing plumbing structures that cannot be restored by Baltimore County until 2018?

A recent water main break that impacted another community led to this comment by a former Dundalk Citizen of the Year, who is a member of Councilman Todd Crandell’s staff, in response to people who mentioned on Facebook having to use trash cans for other unforeseen purposes.

We end this column with the below comment, shared for your reading displeasure.

October 28 at 9:46pm

Ron Metzger Better a smart ass then a dumb ass
Good night

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