Muslim Holiday Decision Sparks Angry Protest
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 21st January 2017

August 29, 2016 4:27 pm ET

Outburst forces BCPS Board to clear room as video reveals

Source: Muslim Holiday Decision Sparks Angry Protest

Photo: Apparently there are those who want their own team.

(Author’s Note: This column/blog is not politically correct)

Folks, what you are about to read would be “rated X” by the PC movement. In more direct terms, you won’t’ see any PC rhetoric here.

This particular issue is important because it will demonstrate the intolerance of those who choose to ignore the Democratic process and attempt to force their agenda at all costs.

I am going to link to two videos—one from the world’s most respected news program, 60 Minutes, and one that shows captured video footage from the BCPS Board hearing.

This was the board hearing that featured the vote regarding the Muslim community’s request to include two Muslim religious holidays into the BCPS system calendar.

The board voted by one vote to reject the request, which prompted the outburst by supporters, who shouted in protest at board members. That resulted in a request by the board Chairman, Charles McDaniels, Jr., to recess in order for the room to be cleared.

I will render some of my musings on this, but first I will lay some groundwork that I believe displays some insightful views of the Muslim agenda.

Here is the segment from 60 Minutes; the video speaks for itself:

Before I go into the video of the BCPS Board hearing, let me make a few things clear.

In the first segment of the video, a Muslim student addresses the board. I have to take issue with what he is using as a justification for the inclusion of these two holidays based on his own statement.

In that opening statement, he referred to the murder of two Muslim leaders in NY who were murdered in broad daylight.

“Muslims would wonder how could this happen in America?” he exclaimed.

Is he insinuating that only Muslims and not every citizen of this nation might be asking the same question by his statement?

I was somewhat perplexed at the broad daylight reference and his math, as there was no mention of 9/11 in which 2,977 innocent people were killed in the worst attack on American soil in that broad daylight.

Since then, the attacks have continued unabated in the name of radical Islam.

I realize that I just made some rather strong statements, but I believe that those statements are accurate.

The student alluded that, “Fear and mistrust have led to violence.”

That is true, as it relates to the early history of this nation, referring to various religions and the problems they encountered. However, the one important issue that he left out—and the most important thing—includes two words: assimilation and democracy.

It is apparent to me that the assimilation of Muslims into our culture, as they see it, is not adopting but demanding that we adapt their culture. This is not only true in this country but, as 60 Minutes revealed, in other parts of the world.

Further evidence of this includes the situation in France and the destabilization of the Middle East, where religious violence is destroying lives, culture, and nations.

The young student went on to render some more information on his beliefs that these Muslim holy days should be included in the school calendar.

He spoke about inclusion of the Muslim community, but I say that actions speak louder than words. Democracy is the foundation of this nation but, as you shall see, not in this situation.

He also stated to board members that, “This is your chance to reaffirm your commitment to inclusion and equality.”

Here is the problem with that thought process, folks.

The basis for the Muslim community’s 12-year or so battle for these demands falls short on several issues.

This is the BCPS policy on the leave issue:

The Muslim community’s one argument is that the county recognizes Jewish holy days on the school calendar.

However, if you look at the MD law, this is different and based on the word “secular”—the definition of which is included in this link:

Let’s take a look at MD law:

One might say, “Look, there are several days that highlight a specific group, or the facts regarding the Christmas Day observance.”

You will also note the definition of the term “secular,” which states the following: “Going on from age to age, or ageless.”

In simple terms, this means a time-honored tradition.

One should also note that the state law only recognizes these dates, but take note of this statement: “Although holiday generally means ‘a day marked by a general suspension of work in commemoration of an event,’ in Maryland, this is not always the case.”

Perfect example—commercial stores are now open on major holidays where years ago they were closed.

Was there an outcry from the public or an extended battle to go back to the way it was?

One would have to acknowledge there are some who believe in keeping these days as holidays. But in the land of democracy, the decision has been left up to the business community.

Rather than demand their holidays be added to the school calendar, why not just grant any students of whatever religion they are a member, and there are many, the right to take a personal day without penalty.…

Rather than going over every word of the school board meeting, which could take hours, I will leave your assessment up to you as you view the video.

There are a couple of things to be aware of when watching this.

First, you will notice that in one portion the sound is barely audible. That is not a glitch. Each speaker is allotted 3 minutes to speak, and one gentleman went way over his allotted time and his microphone was turned off.

So much for procedural decorum.

You may also move the video to any position you want by clicking on the bottom of the video window. One more thing, there is a full-screen enhancement available.

In closing, before posting the video that the PC crowd would not dare touch, I believe the board made the right decision. For those who voted to include the two Muslim holy days, I would strongly advise them to view the reaction of the group—that puts the entire issue into perspective.

You watch and you decide. I already put in my two sense [sic].

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