The New Face of the Democratic Party
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 25th August 2017
The new face of the Democratic Party


Antifa is the new Joseph Stalin

They both have one thing in common – Purging

In order to understand the essence of this column, it is important to define the word “purging”:

Remove a group of people considered undesirable from an organization or place in an abrupt or violent manner.

What you see below are photos taken during the time of Stalin’s reign over Russia. Notice that one figure is erased from the picture. Stalin purged any potential enemies, at least in his mind, that might challenge his ideology.

In many cases, Stalin would simply have the person erased by any means possible–a violent death or blacked out by a marker, after which he would have a photo retouched to exclude that person’s existence. This was repeated to the point that Stalin’s reign became one of the darkest periods in Russian history.

Here is an interesting comparison to Antifa and their alleged peaceful demonstrations that, as the video clearly shows, are not so peaceful. So. in reality, if you dare disagree with them, you are met with a violent reaction, either in words or deeds.

Anyone notice the red flags?

There is another way to silence any opinion that goes against the grain of the alt-left, as demonstrated in the below photograph published by the “so-called” defenders of free speech – the ACLU.


Shortly after the above photo of the baby girl with the flag was published by the ACLU, a vicious Twitter backlash was unleashed forcing the ACLU to issue an apology to the alt-left.

In retrospect, one can see this as a purging in the same manner of Stalin. The bottom line appears to be, if you disagree with the opposing side, then you are met with violent response, be it either physical or verbal.

Here is another disturbing video of an attack on an elderly woman holding the U.S. flag.

One final thought before I close this column:

I think this just about sums up the message of this column

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