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Posted by Buzz Beeler on 21st January 2017

July 16, 2015 9:44 pm ET

Politicians mug for the cameras, but are smiles really warranted?

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Let’s hope that our politicians get the message and actually honor their oath and serve the citizens of this county.

In the publishing business, photo opportunities with politicians are known as “grip and grins.” My question to the pols is “What is there to smile about, folks?”

I won’t mention names except two, but someone had better tell these guys that plastering smiling faces on social media does not translate into job performance, especially when this photo is a slap in the face to the community of Eastwood.

It is pandering at its finest.

You see, Mr. Kamenetz is the cause of many of the county’s woes. Just yesterday, the Sun was critical of the Baltimore County bidding process involving school contracts. Dr. Dance was singled out regarding his $875,000, three-year contract with SUPES Academy to train principals.

The issues regarding Dr. Dance are still pending.

Then we have the MACO scandal, the sheriff’s issue, and some questionable PUD practices—also front page news for the Sun, except Sheriff Fisher’s problems which were covered in this blog.

And, in case anyone did not know, Maryland is a sanctuary state! What does that mean? Oh, just the throwing away of about $2 billion a year, or close to $800 for every middle class family.

So, where are the pols on any of these issues?

The answer is … (silence).

Not a peep, utterance, or any movement toward doing something to clean up, as one attorney describes it, “the most corrupt county in the state.”

How relevant is all of this? Just ask former Governor Martin O’Malley. He left the state’s budget in tatters with a $2 billion deficit. Now, maybe he thought his left wing rhetoric would vault him onto the national stage in his bid for the presidency, but he is closer to the dog house than the White House in the eyes of the nation.

Even the liberal Sun was skeptical in their assessment:

In his mind, Mr. O’Malley used our middle class money to buy votes, specifically Hispanic votes. He built a new facility for CASA at a cost of millions of dollars and turned this state into a haven for illegal immigrants. The Dream Act wasn’t exactly a panacea as the statistics reveal, and neither is O’Malley’s touted run at the executive mansion, as he’s holding a 1% rating in the polls.

Troubling, but true, is the following data:

1. 54% of illegal Latinos have less that a high school education.
2. 4% of Latinos have a college degree.
3. 68% are considered poor or near poor.
4. 57% are on some sort of welfare.
5. 16% of all prisoners in federal prison are Latino.
6. 71% of all non-Americans in Federal prisons are Latino.

Baltimore County’s SS budget is bursting at the seams as more poor and illegals from all countries continue to make their way to our borders.

Imagine what the city will face if the mayor follows through on her promise to bring in 10,000 illegal families.

Even the county executive admitted at a community meeting that the county would struggle to meet the demands regarding entitlements.

I do know this issue has impacted the county in the area of food stamps. The last time I checked with the county auditor’s office, the cost of the food stamp program rose more than 500%.

That is a daunting figure for any taxpayer.

I called again for an update because it had been a couple of years since the last time I checked. I also followed up with an e-mail and was told someone would call back.

Guess what I have received? That’s right—as usual, I have gotten no response from the county.

I should have told them I was interested in a PUD—the response would have been immediate.

I can tell you that Councilman Quirk supports illegal immigration, as does Councilwoman Cathy Bevins. This is based on previous conversations with them.

Here are some more daunting facts, while we’re focusing on such things:

Dundalk stats as of 2012 showing Dundalk, MD and National

Income per capita $23,156 – $36,056 – $28,051
Median household income $48,440 – $72,999 – $53,046
Median household income owner occupied $57,490 – $91,744 – $67,062
Median household income renter occupied $37,579 – $43,332 – $32,212
Median earnings male $38,175 – $45,219 – $35,771
Median earnings female $27,004 – $34,277 – $25,299
Unemployment rate 7.3% – 5.4% – 6.0%

More information on Dundalk including current census data:

As far as Maryland being a sanctuary state, I—along with many of my friends—have been victimized by illegals. We know of one individual who lost a child as a result of a crime and yet, knowing the humane and financial cost, there was not even a peep from our pols. The local silence is deafening, even as many national leaders rise up over this situation since the tragic shooting death of Kathryn Steinle in yet another sanctuary city (San Francisco) by an illegal who had been deported 5 previous times and had 7 felony convictions on his record.

I don’t think you will see a lot of photo ops when the new police station opens in Eastwood, since that community lost its school, playground, and ball field. The councilman maintains that the county will assess another location for the playground. Sure, just like the sale of the government center would offset the cost of air-conditioning our schools. Instead the county loses at least $8 million.

Every face in the grip and grin photo I’m showing has the power to investigate corruption within the county government. And, based upon what that lawyer from another jurisdiction said about Baltimore County being the most corrupt sub-division in the state, those pictured have a lot of work to do.

But will they actually do anything? Who knows, folks? We can withhold judgement of the delegates and newly elected state senator for now, but actions speak louder than words.

I am hoping a little push goes in the right direction. There are many things that can be addressed without legislation.

In summation, I relate this story about a gentleman I met one day at a polling location. We talked for a while, and I happened to ask him where he worked. He said he had just lost his job. I said I was sorry to hear that and asked what happened. He said he was a painter for 15 years at Pittsburgh Paints, and—one day—he and several other American workers were let go suddenly. I asked why, and he responded that the company had hired illegals at half of the American workers’ salary.

That, my friends, is the problem in a nutshell.

Land of the free, home of the unemployed…

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