No Place for “Big Game” in Annapolis
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 21st January 2017

July 17, 2016 9:58 am ET

Larry Hogan is a Rhino and is betraying his own party

Source: No Place for “Big Game” in Annapolis

Photo: Governor Larry Hogan, I think?


I remember the day when a friend called and, in a pitched voice of exuberance, told me to turn on the C4 Show on WBAL.

My friend gave me a brief description of the show, which was—I believe—the big introduction of Larry Hogan to the voters.

What attracted me to listen was the topic Mr. Hogan was talking about: then Governor Martin O’Malley’s “pay to play” agenda.

I was fascinated by the in-depth knowledge of Mr. Hogan, and my first thought was, “Here is a man that could be the next governor,” which was a refreshing thought after enduring years of O’Malley’s left-wing agenda.

I also felt that then Lt. Governor Anthony Brown, who was making his own bid for the office, would attach himself to the apron strings of O’Malley; that would be his Achilles heel.

In the end, I was right. Brown had dug a hole too deep to extricate himself from O’Malley’s failed policies. The state was ripe for change, and Hogan swept into office.

At first, Governor Hogan was widely popular. That is until he became a “rhino.”

Here is the definition of a political rhino:

“Republican in name only: in the USA, a member of the Republican party whose political views are considered insufficiently conservative.” (Source,

How do we know Hogan is a rhino?

Well, to start, he opened his mouth and spouted that he was not going to vote the party line or attend the Republican National Convention.

Huge mistake.

I know there are a lot of people who don’t care for Donald Trump, but what is the alternative?

Hillary Clinton. I don’t think so. Enough said.

Even the liberal Sun reported on Hogan’s treason to the party in this article:

Here is a quote from the Sun article:

“Hogan is one of two sitting Republican governors to disavow their party’s presumptive nominee this year and one of only two Republicans elected governor in Maryland since 1966.”

From there it gets worse.

The federal government under the Obama administration is planning to take action against states that harbor sanctuary cities, as this link reveals.

Baltimore is a sanctuary city … and proud of it.

Hogan’s role is to say, and rather lamely, so that his answer to illegal immigration in Maryland is to not get in the way of ICE doing its job.

The problem with that statement is that ICE does not do its job very well.

Speaking to that “no position statement,” there are a host of other similar statements showing Governor Hogan’s liberal agenda, which this link clearly indicates ≈.

On the numbers side of the illegal immigration issue, we learn a little more regarding the influx of refugees.

Ann Corcoran, in an article, went back 10 years and followed the numbers of refuges.

She wrote:

“Yesterday I went back ten years in the data and found that in 2005, Maryland resettled 751 refugees with a gradual increase each year until 2015 when the number jumped to 1,453 (under the Hogan Admin). In those last ten plus years, Maryland ‘welcomed’ 12,112 refugees.

In 2016, the state has, as of June 15th, received 137 Syrians (35 in 2015 and 93 so far this year). The Syrians were distributed to Baltimore, Ellicott City, Riverdale, and Silver Spring.

MD resettled Muslim refugees from Iraq, Burma, Afghanistan and Somalia among many others from around the world.”

On this issue, and the latest terrorist attack on France, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich had this to say:

In a follow-up to Ginrich’s interview, Dr. Sebastian Gorka, a renowned expert on terrorism, said this:

Also, here is an article in Time regarding Sharia Law:,8599,185647,00.html

Also, the media has reported that ISIS fighters brutally murdered 19 Yazidi girls for not having sex with them:

I refer to these articles because this is one of the main reasons the EU (European Union) nations are under an onslaught of terrorist attacks. There are no borders in the EU. People move about freely without impunity. Another reason for many of the culture problems facing the EU is a lack of assimilation.

What I have described is what caused the fall of the Roman Empire.

An article that appeared in the Atlantic in 2011 tells a chilling tale. Here is the conclusion on the problem of multiculturalism in the EU, and it is ominous:

“If there was a strong, confident left in Europe, then perhaps this dangerous mix could be effectively fought and opposed. For now, though, we may just have to hope – and pray – that cooler heads prevail.”

Obviously, since 2011, the EU hasn’t.

One of the best examples of the problems in dealing with these many faceted issues is found in one of the best articles about the difference between perception and reality. I’m speaking of Liz Bowie’s article in the Sun titled “Owings Mills revisiting immigrants’ education.”

The article is as sobering look at the reality of multiculturalism and its failures:

Before I conclude this extensive look at the effects of Hogan’s Rhino-ism, I just want to note that he could have handled this divisive matter by simply saying that voting is a personal matter, or by towing the party line and backing his party candidate against the Democratic onslaught of the Clinton machine.

Instead, the governor chose to extend the visas of immigrant laborers to the Eastern Shore for companies like Tyson Foods and those involved in the crabbing industry.

He did not elaborate on one of the big problems with illegal immigrants: the overstaying of people in this country on visas or the cost factor to the State of MD which is an important issue to the taxpayers or the issue of protecting MD as a sanctuary state.

Come to Dundalk and see for yourself or take a look at Dearborm where video tape does not lie.

That, folks, is a true Rhino, and one that we big game hunters (voters) should eliminate in the same way the country turned its back on O’Malley and his left wing agenda.

We don’t need another O’Malley (in sheep’s clothing) running our state.

This Rhino needs to be caged in with the truth. Too much of that in politics is missing these days.

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