Does No Report Equal No Incident? NO!
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 11th October 2017
Copies of 911 audio will set the record straight on the Perry Hall incident

Entire Perry Hall High School incident marked as “unfounded;” police decline to write report


PIA request filed for 911 audio in order to reveal the truth


Note: The Baltimore Post stands firmly behind the men and women of the Baltimore County Police Department. Recently, both at the national and local levels, we have seen how politics can often impact the effectiveness of any law enforcement agency. Two recent incidents involving those issues include the stand-down order regarding the riots in Baltimore city and the situation involving free-speech in Berkeley, California. These situations cannot be tolerated. Politics must not interfere with the trained professionals of any law enforcement agency.


A source inside the Baltimore County Police Department contacted The Baltimore Post and revealed that, despite the 911 calls that indicated the word “gun,” no written account of the incident was rendered. The call was marked unfounded.  

So, several months from now, if someone goes to check on the circumstances involving the incident, there will be nothing but a blank! The key word, unfounded, means that–in the eyes of law enforcement–nothing transpired at the school.

Given the current state of events involving horrific gun crimes, it is troubling to think that a 911 call indicating the word gun at a dance filled with young people received no attention from the police.

The fact that no written report was filed about the incident is quite troubling.

As we stated before, The Baltimore Post strongly believes that pressure from the top is keeping the truth from being told. One would think that, given the overwhelming police response to the incident, some sort of written report describing what took place would be submitted.

That was not the case.

Once again, it seems that politics is pressuring law enforcement to turn a blind eye to issues that impact the safety and well-being of the citizens of Baltimore County.

In lieu of a police report, we hope that the 911 audio from the night of the incident will reveal exactly how everything unfolded.

Because we stand behind our article that detailed the incident at Perry Hall High School, The Baltimore Post filed a Public Information Act requesting all copies of 911 audio, including all transmissions from the police officers who responded to this school that night. We believe that the audio will give the public insight as to why there definitely should have been a written account of what transpired at the school on that Saturday evening.

After our article was published, the Post started to receive numerous phone calls from other parents describing some horrific and disturbing conditions at PHHS, as well as other schools across the county.

We intend to be the voice of the people and hold those in power strictly accountable for their leadership, or the lack thereof, for allowing such egregious and disgraceful situations to get completely out of hand.

We also believe this is strictly a political maneuver by current Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz, who has announced his bid to run for governor of the state of Maryland. We believe that anyone in his position would attempt to control the narrative, especially when said narrative is extremely disturbing. Think for a moment–if the truth about these nightmares occurring within our educational system became known, the impact on someone attempting to run for such a high office would be devastating.

That is why it is important for us to continue reporting the truth.

Two classic examples of why it is necessary to pursue this issue is revealed in the story of Watergate, and the Boston Globe’s coverage profiled in the Academy award-winning movie Spotlight.  In each situation, investigative journalists wrote numerous stories before the nation and the world ever took notice.

The results of those dedicated journalists led to the downfall of a sitting President of the United States and brought one of the largest religious groups to its knees.

In both of these cases, if The Washington Post and The Boston Globe would have stopped after a few stories, the status quo would’ve continued intact.

The Baltimore Post contacted Councilman David Marks’ office left him a message regarding this new information. We will let you know if there is any response.

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