Is a Nonprofit Misleading Donors to Curry Favor with TPA?
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 26th February 2018
Is this an attempt to buy influence for TPA?


Interesting photo seen above, isn’t it?  It is so interesting, that after we published the article on this issue the sign was removed from the athletic field.

One has to question just here the money came from, but the answer is found right on the check: The Jim Davis Foundation.

We have learned a lot more since our first article appeared back in January 2017. We now know who was involved in this issue, which raises more questions.

Those questions multiply when you read through the emails below, which were obtained by The Baltimore Post through a Public Information Act request.

However, before we get to the emails, let’s take a look behind-the-scenes at the source of the money.

In this well documented article by The Baltimore Brew, we have some interesting information involving some local politicians.

Our concern is a nonprofit organization using donor money to ingratiate its position and gain favor within the community regarding a private enterprise.

People do not realize what is at stake if TPA reaches its goal; most are unaware of the impact to this side of Baltimore County. Also, one has to wonder why taxpayers are funding a private corporation with as much as one-half billion our hard-earned tax dollars when, by the stroke of a pen, Councilman Todd Crandell literally could ignore any public input.

This matter is quite disturbing. Tradepoint Atlantic represents the second attempt to convert private enterprise into one of the largest logistical hubs on the East Coast with taxpayer dollars. What makes the matter worse is that every political official is engaged in this endeavor to use our money to fund what we believe is an unconscionable and egregious matter of political cronyism.

Consider TPA’s efforts to dredge potential decades of contaminated material left behind by steel mills. Also, factor in the pollution that will be caused by up to 30,000 tractor-trailers operating on a 24/7 basis. Meanwhile, think about all of the traffic congestion that will accompany this unthinkable travesty, both with the increased trucking traffic and with the trains running through one of our most congested highways.

And all of this is happening at the behest of two of the wealthiest men in the state of Maryland.

Folks, there is only one reason for this nightmare to move forward–politicians will line their pockets with TPA campaign contributions, allowing the pols to stay in power while taxpayers suffer the ultimate consequences.

In our next article on this issue, we will revisit some of the earlier emails, including the MTA’s complicit involvement in this scheme.

For now, here is the latest batch of telltale emails:

Todd Crandell

From:  Aaron Tomarchio <>

Sent:    Friday, February 03, 2017 8:49 AM

To:        Todd Crandell; Doug Anderson

Cc:        Tim Martin

Subject:  Dundalk High School – Football Program – Donation

Attachments:  Dundalk High School,docx

Councilman Crandell, Doug,

FYI. We received a request from Dundalk HS to support SAT/ACT Prep Training and Purchase of Equipment for the Dundalk HS Football program. See attached. We have secured funds from our investors to fulfil the entire amount ($40k) requested. Tim Martin, an employee at Tradepoint Rail and a volunteer Football coach for Dundalk brought this need to our attention. I will be reaching out to Mr. Sandora the Football Coach and to the school principal to let them know of our donation. We expect to publicly announce the donation at our April 12th Open House. Wanted to make you aware of this effort, and happy to have you participate in the announcement on 4/12. If you have any questions, please let me know.



Aaron Tomarchio



1600 Sparrows Point Boulevard Baltimore, Maryland 21219

T 410.709.1289 C 443.299.9803


Todd Crandell

From:  Aaron Tomarchio <>

Sent:  Thursday, February 09, 2017 11:46 AM

To:      Doug Anderson; Todd Crandell

Subject:   FW: Dirt Pile Near Landfill

Doug, Todd, FYI….

Aaron Tomarchio



1600 Sparrows Point Boulevard Baltimore, Maryland 21219

T 410.709,1289 C 443.299.9803

From: Justin Dunn <>

Date: Thursday, February 9, 2017 at 11:44 AM

To: Aaron Tomarchio <>

Cc: Eric Gilbert <>, John Martin <>, Pete Haid <>, Mike Vogler <>

Subject: Re: Dirt Pile Near Landfill


Most of the soil is for capping the landfill and stockpiled by EAG. There is a pile associated with the FedEx construction that will be used soon for free space in our projects, The soil is clean but needs to be dried.

Thank you,



1600 Sparrows Point Boulevard Baltimore, Maryland 21219

0 410.709.1318

C 410.596.3665

On Feb 9, 2017, at 11:40 AM, Aaron Tomarchio <atomarchioPtradepointatlantic.corn> wrote:


Councilman Crandell’s office recently received a few calls from residents about the dirt piles that have appeared near Gray’s Landfill and Peninsula Expressway. Can someone check into this and let me know what they are, and what they will be used for? Thanks.

Regards, Aaron

Aaron Tomarchio



1600 Sparrows Point Boulevard Baltimore, Maryland 21219

T 410.709.1289 C 443.299.9803


Todd Crandell







Aaron Tomarchio <>

Thursday, February 09, 2017 5:56 PM

Joe Greco; Gloria Nelson; Wyatt, Joseph; Louis Campion; Todd Crandell; Doug Anderson Grammer, Robin Delegate

Panel Testimony – MD Transportation Authority – Vehicles Not Using Bridge – Toll Prohibition

HB290 & SB536 – Support Testimony – Tolling Bill.docx; Talking Points – HB290 & SB536 – Broening Hwy Tolling .docx; Sponsor Panel – HB290 & SB536.docx



Just wanted to touch base with everyone regarding the upcoming hearing next week on HB290 Maryland Transportation Authority Vehicles Not Using Bridge Toll Prohibition. The bill is scheduled for a hearing on Thursday, February 16th at fpm in the House Environment and Transportation Committee. We have spoken separately about possible participation in a sponsor panel with Del. Grammer and Sen. Sailing. Hoping we can have a brief call on Monday around fpm to go over logistics and confirm participation. Please let me know if this works for you. I am also attaching testimony and talking points that we have prepared, and a known list of panel participants. In addition, we spoke with the County Executive’s office yesterday and Baltimore County will be submitting supportive written testimony.

We are receiving good feedback so far from the committee members we have met with.

Also, please put on your calendar the Senate 13111 hearing for Thursday, February 23rd, 1prn in the Senate Finance Committee. We will do a repeat of the panel testimony.

If you would like additional information about the bills, please find below links to NILES.

SB536 http://mgaleg,maryland.goviwebmgaifrmMain,aspx?picl=billpage&tab=subject38Lid=s1)05368tstal3=0184vs=20171iS



Thanks everyone! After 20 years, we might be able to get this done!

Aaron Tomarchio



1600 Sparrows Point Boulevard Baltimore, Maryland 21219

7 410.709.1289 C 443.299.9803

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