It’s not Just the Post asking the Tough Questions Regarding TPA
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 27th October 2017

The Baltimore Post received the following email from Maryland Campaign for Liberty regarding corporate welfare for Tradepoint Atlantic.

The Post felt this article was worthy of disseminating to the citizens and taxpayers of Baltimore County.  They did leave out one important name and that is Councilman Todd Crandell, who wrote the bill (86-15)  prohibiting public input into TPA’s issues.

Dear Friend of Liberty,

How many of your tax dollars should be used to line the pockets of one of the richest people on the planet, Jeff Bezos?

This Monday, Baltimore County Council will vote on Resolution 87-17 which, if it passes, will authorize a $2.2 million “conditional loan” to Jeff’s multi-billion dollar retail giant, Amazon.

“Conditional loan” is government-speak for a free tax-funded handout of public money to a private interest.

Politicians like County Executive Kevin Kamenetz and Councilman Tom Quirk are in love with this type of cronyism.

It helps them deceptively claim that they “created jobs” and that they contributed to “economic development.”

The reality is, of course, entrepreneurs, workers, and investors are the true positive force in the economy.

Politicians produce nothing.

Establishment politicians typically just punish productive people, extract their money, and shuffle it around in whatever ways they think will buy them the most votes.

Amazon is looking to develop a $225 million fulfillment center at the Tradepoint Atlantic property in Sparrows Point.

Are we supposed to believe that Amazon’s decision to move forward actually depends on a $2.2 million taxpayer handout, which is less than 1% of the total $225 million project?

If Amazon can come up with almost $225 million already, it really seems far-fetched that Bezos can’t scrounge an extra $2.2 million out of his nearly $90 BILLION net worth.

The $2.2 million handout is just part of a big political dance so selfish, interfering politicians and “economic development” bureaucrats can pretend that they are important contributors to our economy.

They aren’t. If anything, they are the exact opposite: parasites.

Here’s a good analogy for so-called “economic development” run by government:

  1. Take water from one end of the pool when no one is looking.
  2. Dump it into the other end when everyone is looking.
  3. Spill some in the process.
  4. Take credit for “adding” water to the pool.

Government handouts quietly steal tax dollars from you and me, transfer them to big business, and pay salaries of non-productive bureaucrats for shuffling our money from one part of the economy to another (killing jobs in one place and transferring them to another), all so politicians who authorize the handouts can trick voters and take credit for “creating jobs.”

The high taxes needed to pay for “economic development” handouts are killing small businesses or causing them to flee Maryland…killing local jobs in the process.

It’s up to you and me to counter the fake “job creation” narrative that Kevin Kamenetz types love so much.

Please forward this email so more people can hear what most politicians…and their fake media lapdogs…will never admit.

Here’s an idea – leave money with its rightful owners, let big business compete on a level playing field where none get taxpayer handouts, and let money-shuffling bureaucrats find something better to do.

But don’t blame big business for taking advantage, and don’t blame bureaucrats for facilitating the handouts.

They’re just operating under the corrupt system that politicians devised.

The root of the problem is the politicians like Kevin Kamenetz and Tom Quirk who have the power to authorize and advocate for these crony handouts as well as the excessive taxation and spending to pay for it.

For Liberty,

Mark Baskervill
Baltimore County Coordinator
Maryland Campaign for Liberty

P.S. We’re supposed to believe that without free tax-funded handouts to Amazon, we will miss out on new jobs and economic opportunity at the new Tradepoint Atlantic property at Sparrows Point.

Here’s why that claim is total bull:

Even if Amazon decides not to set up shop at Tradepoint Atlantic, then someone else will.

The property owner there has every incentive to get the property leased. The location obviously has appeal. Tenants want to be there, and several already are.

More jobs will get created there whether or not politicians give away your money to certain prospective tenants like Amazon.

However, this taxpayer handout deal is less about Amazon’s needs or the needs of job-seekers.

It’s all about the needs of selfish politicians.

These lying politicians need us to think that THEY made all this investment happen…that THEY created jobs…that THEY built that.

Dear politicians, “You didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen!”

Note: The Baltimore Post will have a follow-up to this article including video of the most recent meeting at TPA.

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