OConnell Captures Horrifying Video of a Decaying Baltimore County
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 10th February 2017


The Baltimore Post has always tried to be a fair and independent voice of truth, and many times what we report is not well received by those who are the subjects of our investigations. However, the truth is out there and must be presented so the citizens of Baltimore County can hold others accountable.

Such a situation was captured on video by community activist Cliff OConnell at the request of Delegate Robin Grammer, R-6th District.

The Post will stay clear of any political matters and, rather, focus on the issue at hand. We are quite sure that anyone watching this video will be horrified by this public health hazard.

Delegate Robin Grammer requested the services of community activist Cliff OConnell and another gentleman named Jacob (no last name) to record video of the horrific scene at the Middlesex Row Homes neighborhood.

It should also be noted that Devin Crumb of the East County Times wrote an in-depth report on the number of boarded-up vacant homes in Middlesex. Unfortunately, we do not have a link to share with our readers.

Photo courtesy of Devin Crumb on article dealing with vacant housing

As a direct result of the number of people that viewed the video (18,068 views), Delegate Grammer is prepared to present legislation to the Baltimore County delegation with Mr. OConnell testifying in favor of the bill that will hold those accountable for this appalling problem. The Post will update this article as information becomes available.

(Note:  Since the publication of this article by thePost the video views have increased form 18,068 to 27,714)

According to Mr. OConnell, this is a countywide blight that occurs in upper class homes as well.

Here is the problem.  Two Democrats, one seeking to run for governor, and the other seeking to become the next co. executive, oppose this legislation. They are current County Executive Kevin Kamenetz and Senator Jim Brochin.  How can anyone look at this video and not see the potential to turn Baltimore County into Baltimore City, whose abandoned homes are a huge blight and haven for criminals.

Co. Executive Kevin Kamenetz and Senator Jim Brochin

Delegate Pat McDonough had this quote regarding the matter:

“I think it’s nonsense,” said Pat McDonough, a Republican Maryland delegate. “The overall policy which is coming out of the White House — it is coming out of President Obama’s philosophy of social engineering on steroids — we’re going to make everybody better if we move everyone to Kingsville. … It’s a failure and is destined to fail.”

Another more direct quote from the article shows just how out of touch with reality both Kamenetz and Brochin are regarding the massive destabilizing impact this issue has on the whole county:

“The state of Maryland’s foreclosure laws has left many struggling areas in Baltimore County with the worst rates of vacant properties in the entire country. These vacant properties are amplifying problems with rats, squatters, vandalism, copper theft, dumping and drug traffic. The inability to foreclosure on these properties – which is encumbered by state law – is blighting many communities across the Baltimore County. House Bill 712, sponsored by Delegate Robin Grammer, aims to fix that.”

In regards to this article, I contacted BC Code Enforcement and was told the office only responds to complaints and can only go on the property and not enter it.

I can’t believe the neighbors did not complain about this disaster!

And to think that both Kamenetz and Brochin are blind to this massive problem, yet both are seeking higher office. One would think, after they watch this video, they also would be impacted. However, being Democrats, we doubt that.

They should also know that Baltimore County places in the top two worst cities in which to live according to a recent survey–Dundalk and Essex.

One would think rather than run for higher office, they should run from office.

We’ll keep you posted.

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