O’Connell cash curries favor with Crandell
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 20th April 2018
Photo Credit: Facebook

A few months ago, the photo on the left would’ve set off alarms among numerous people in the community and law enforcement. The vigilantism proposed by Mr. Cliff O’Connell initially proposed using motorcycle gangs to patrol the streets of a particular community.

Once the Post published the article denouncing such plans, Councilman Todd Crandell was forced to issue a video denouncing Mr. O’Connell’s somewhat bizarre methods. Despite that video, the Post has uncovered evidence that shows the councilman’s office was clearly still supportive of Mr. O’Connell.

We question, though, how a situation could become so out of control that a rational person would post a photo such as the one above, and how that person could continue to be supported by a Baltimore County Councilman.

To refresh your memory of how this whole situation came about, a group was started in the North Point Village area of Baltimore County to deal with the ever-growing rat problem. Mr. O’Connell, as campaign records showed, donated more than $10,000 to Mr. Crandall’s political coffers, which allowed him to bump aside the original founder of the now infamous CORE group, better known as the Community Organization for Rat Eradication.

As the old saying goes, “Money talks and BS walks.” 

So who was behind this major effort to install Mr. O’Connell at the head of the CORE group? That information can be found in the message chain below. It appears that Mr. O’Connell was perfectly fine criticizing all elected officials which would include, based on his own words, “the politician in his pocket” Councilman Crandell.


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Photo Credit: Facebook

That Facebook post shows how the dots connect directly to the CORE group. The posting deals with among other issues a rat infestation in the 7th District and the link to Councilman Crandell.

The following email was written by Mr. Crandell’s Chief of Staff, Doug Anderson.



That email chain is where Mr. O’Connell did a flip-flop and directly praised Councilman Crandell as the greatest thing since sliced bread.

The real problem is the rodent situation has not changed; rather, it has only gotten worse. The last time the Post checked, the 7th District leads the entire county in the number of rat infestation complaints. The Post also made an effort to contact the county’s code enforcement unit and speak with Inspector Adam Whitlock regarding this issue. We, yet again, were transferred to voicemail and have not gotten a return phone call.

So the rat infestation complaints continue to grow despite the councilman’s appointment of Mr. O’Connell as the official rat eradicator.


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Below is another troubling message thread because the person who wrote it, Ms. Mitchell, is a member of Mr. O’Connell’s CORE group. I think anyone could draw the conclusion that this particular message means if you want to find out who to vote for, contact Ms. Mitchell and she will give you a list of candidates backed by the group.

Doesn’t anyone find it rather strange that after todays days walk out by Baltimore County students protesting gun violence that one of our council members could support such an individual such as Mr. O’Connell?


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In addition, there is also a question of the nonprofit 501 (c) 3 status of the particular community involved in this issue. Could this possibly involve a potential conflict of interest?

It seems very odd that, after the video of Mr. Crandell denouncing Mr. O’Connell’s efforts to fight crime via the vigilante motorcycle club approach, the two individuals continued their relationship. Then again, the relationship may well be based on the deep pockets of Mr. O’Connell, who has donated to other local politicians as well.

The citizens and voters of the 7th District need to know and understand that Mr. Crandell does not have the best interests of his district in mind, at least in our opinion. He prefers to favor the political and corporate cronies that feed off our tax dollars, such as those found at Tradepoint Atlantic.

All anyone has to do is look around and see the drastic increase in the number of tractor-trailer traffic in the area you will begin to understand the nightmare that lies ahead for this district.

The Baltimore Post will continue to investigate those running for office in Baltimore County. We hope to drain the cesspool of political and corporate cronyism. It is time to stop politicians from lining their pockets with our tax dollars while benefitting billionaires who care nothing about their impact on the community members.

Stay tuned, folks; there are plenty of fireworks ahead.

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