One and Done?
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 21st January 2017

May 22, 2015 1:54 pm ET

Crandell on path to one term as indifference toward constituents continues

Source: One and Done?

The term “one and done” has become popular in college athletics these days, referring to student athletes who only spend one year in school before turning pro.

Who knew that it could be applicable in politics? Although, the athletes choose to leave, while pols usually wish to stick around. The voters, however, have a different idea in mind.

And now, as Paul Harvey used to say, “Here is the rest of the story.”

A recent front page story in the popular series The Sun Investigates reveals some rather interesting results. Dundalk and Gwynn Oak had more water turnoff notices sent than the whole city of Baltimore.

The story also shows that large government agencies and big business have completely escaped the turnoff notices.

Imagine that.

I would say that I was shocked, but that would be facetious of me.

Question: Why is Dundalk one of the main areas impacted by the flood of turnoff notices … and the trickle of water they leave behind?

Answer: Because we have a County Executive and Councilman who have become completely disassociated with the community they were elected to serve.

The word “clueless” comes to mind.

According to the article, Councilman Crandell found it odd that Dundalk’s flow of water had been curtailed. “There have been a lot of billing errors and mistakes,” he said. Well, if he knew that, then why did he not get together with the city and do something about it? Why wait until the whole problem blows up on the front page of the Sun?

Just telling the people what do is not enough when many of these people don’t have a clue about how to deal with a government bureaucracy. I deal with the County on a regular basis—suffice to say, deception, stalling, and lying have become the norm.

You’ll see more on that in my future blog on county nepotism.

On top of the water issue, Councilman Crandell was the deciding vote in the Huckster bill, which he voted to pass. Now, when you sit down to eat dinner this summer, solicitors will both have your phone ringing off the hook and will be pounding on your door.

Whatever possessed him to vote yes on that senseless bill is beyond me.

Speaking of deception, how did Councilman Crandell get elected? The answer to that question is misinformation (and I’m being kind).

He ran his campaign on fighting to save the North Point Government Center. We have seen no movement by the Councilman on that issue—not a word uttered since he was elected. It became so bad that a well-respected community leader who was instrumental in Mr. Crandell’s election win, could not get an answer to three e-mails they sent.

At a recent community meeting, Councilman Crandell failed to even mention the Government Center. I’m sure the people in Eastwood would have a few things to say about that issue.

Sounds like Hillary’s favorite line—“no comment!”

It’s bad enough that a well-respected member of the community can’t get an email response, but how does one turn his back on those who gave their time, effort, and money to put him in office?

Councilman, there is an issue of some wrongdoing in the Sheriff’s Office in your district. People should know that, as the Councilman, you can call for an investigation and issue subpoenas.

I believe Councilman Crandell reminded me that he was the elected official and I was not (thank God). So, with that in mind, I guess the duty to investigate the Sheriff scandal would fall under the Councilman’s purview.

So, while the faucets in the Dundalk area run at a trickle (cue the dripping sound effect), the bad news continues to flow freely.

It only goes downhill from there, folks.

I received numerous complaints that the Councilman’s office is not returning calls. One of the most important issues a Councilman deals with is constituent service, so not returning those citizen queries is a major faux pas.

In addition, I plan on filing a PIA regarding Mr. Crandell’s behind closed door meetings with Tim Munshell, the developer of the proposed Fort Howard VA property.

Mr. Crandell has stated that he would not write the PUD for that project, which some believed meant that there would be no development. However, he doesn’t have to write the PUD. Any Council member can write it.

On another subject, I think I found a lawyer who is willing to file suit against the County for totally ignoring another PIA on the Sheriff’s case. An interesting response from one of the 30-or-so lawyers I contacted was, “We don’t want to bite the hand that feeds us.”

I talked to another layer well outside the County’s jurisdiction, and he said Baltimore County is widely known as the most corrupt jurisdiction in the state.

So, with that said folks, we have to hold our government officials accountable because of the faith we bestowed upon them, as well as to make sure that oath of office they took is not just another political speech.

Special thanks to George Harman for publishing the vote tally of the Council. I have a feeling that we will see him again in a few years.

Stay tuned…

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