Op-Ed: Judge Robert A. Cohen wants positive change for better tomorrow
Posted by Robert A. Cohen on 21st June 2018
Judge Robert A. Cohen, candidate for judge of the Baltimore County Circuit Court.


The loss of civility and the absence of judicial decorum currently demonstrated by my opponents in the race for Judge of the Circuit Court for Baltimore County is disappointing. As the target of a recent negative campaign ad, I am more convinced than ever of the importance of conducting a political race in a civil and respectful manner. The politically-appointed judges are apparently choosing to engage in what can be described as insulting and childish behavior by distributing misleading campaign materials and statements to voters. It is exactly this type of conduct that causes the public to lose confidence in the fairness, integrity and objectivity of the judicial system.

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I have more courtroom experience and expertise than my opponents. To continue to intentionally omit facts such as my being a Military Judge (USAR) in the United States Army Trial Judiciary and that I served for many years as a Prosecutor, are unfortunately reflective of the politically-appointed judges’ sense of entitlement.  As a Public Defender, I am proud to protect the Constitutional rights of the most vulnerable citizens in our community. In addition, as a Military Trial Judge (USAR), I am honored to serve our Nation and protect our way of life. It appears that the politically-appointed judges are more concerned about protecting their own jobs.

See Baltimore Sun article, Judgeship election takes a rough turn.

Judges should set the example of dignified and respectful conduct, especially towards those with whom they disagree. This is especially true when judges are involved in a political campaign. To knowingly and recklessly put forth derogatory, inaccurate, and misleading advertisements is contrary to the public’s expectations of its judiciary. Baltimore County needs judges with the courage to bring positive change and who will serve all segments of the community, not just the so-called “Old Boy Network” in Towson.

Exercise your right to have your voice heard this Tuesday, June 26, 2018.  Your vote will make positive change for a better tomorrow a reality. With your help, we can ensure the return of civility and judicial decorum in Baltimore County.

– Robert A. Cohen, Community to Elect Robert Cohen

Mr. Cohen is an Assistant Public Defender, Military Trial Judge, Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army and a candidate for judge of the Baltimore County Circuit Court.

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