Op-Ed: ‘New Sheriff in Town:’ Carl Magee promises safer Baltimore County
Posted by Joseph "JD" Sandy on 1st June 2018

Baltimore County – With statewide primary elections less than a month away, former Baltimore City Police officer Carl H. Magee, Jr. is taking aim at illegal immigration and unsafe schools in his bid for Baltimore County Sheriff.

Magee has been unwavering in his commitment to a safer Baltimore County since announcing his campaign on February 8 – calling not only for safer schools, but also speaking out against sanctuary status within the county. He feels these two concerns to be of the highest priority to the citizens of Baltimore County, and that current leadership has fallen short of using all viable means to insure the safety of residents.

In 2017, County Executive Kevin Kamenetz issued an executive order prohibiting local law enforcement officers from checking the immigration status of individuals placed under arrest. “It turned Baltimore County into a sanctuary county,” Magee explains. Sheriff R. Jay Fisher attended Kamenetz’s announcement, and Magee asserts, “If the safety of our residents is top priority, we require leadership that will instead act in the best interests of residents.”

As sheriff, Magee plans to use common sense initiatives to insure citizen safety – including an assertive plan to institute Section 287(g) of the U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act, authorizing the Department of Homeland Security to deputize selected state and local law enforcement to enforce federal immigration law. Officers receive training, under the direction of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), allowing them to identify, process, and detain, as appropriate, immigration offenders encountered on patrol. “287G has been around for over twenty years, and illegal immigration is a serious problem in Maryland,” Magee notes, “so why did the sheriff show up in support of an executive order turning Baltimore County into a sanctuary county?”

Magee cites specific nonpartisan plans for safer schools in Baltimore County as well: he plans for his prospective office to assign a uniformed sheriff’s deputy at every public school. “Nothing is more precious to parents than the safety of their children when in school, and it’s really that simple,” he says. Magee states his office will spearhead an anti-bullying campaign, calling for the help of local medical professionals to contribute valuable information, statistics, and aid to the ongoing problem. “By telling the citizens of our county in no uncertain terms exactly what I plan to do to insure the safety of their youngest loved ones, I feel that I am the best candidate for this job.”

As Magee puts it, “I’m hoping to have the opportunity to set the example in Baltimore County for other regions who are experiencing the same safety issues that we are. My office will operate so that all citizens will not only be treated with equal respect, but with their safety at the forefront of priorities.”

Joseph “JD” Sandy is a freelance writer and former candidate for the Maryland General Assembly. www.JDforLiberty.com  and www.facebook.com/ElectJoeSandy

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