Overcrowding solutions sought by BCPS
Posted by Mark Roper on 12th July 2018
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The first day of school is less than two months away for many students, and some parents worry that classrooms might be too crowded, which could be affecting students.

What do school administrators plan to do about those concerns? They’re reaching out to parents for help.

Baltimore County Public Schools don’t have enough seats for more than 1,500 high school students so administrators are asking parents what they think is the best way to fix the problem.

It starts with this online survey. The questionnaire asks parents for their thoughts on building new schools — or expanding current ones – and how much should they spend. But it also asks if redistricting would be a better option. The district wants to know if parents think the focus should be on relieving capacity or minimizing the need for redistricting.

The survey is available online until the July 22. Baltimore County Public Schools parents also can give administrators their thoughts in person. One of several public input meetings this month takes place tonight at 7 right at George Washington Carver High School.