Pandering Pols Still Out in “Left” Field
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 27th January 2017

Leaders should listen and learn

What fueled this embarrassing situation?

Clint Eastwood used a saying in his role as Dirty Harry about a good man knowing his limitations. (I am not being gender biased, as the same can be said about women.)

That begs the question as to what fueled the decision of two of our county leaders to pose for a picture like you see above. Mind you, one wants to run for governor of the State of Maryland, while the other wants to ascend to the highest leadership role in the county.

Despite her endeavors, Councilman Bevins may end up running from voters after her boondoggle concerning the outlet mall in White Marsh, which rightfully crashed and burned. (No word if Paragon is asking for its campaign donations back.)

Anyway, back to the love-fest at the DNC, where party time seemed to overtake the business of electing left-wing candidate Hillary Clinton to the presidency. This is not the first time Mr. Kamenetz has displayed this type of behavior; he has been at the forefront of media scrutiny before, as this WBAL TV interview reveals:

If you think that is a rather “in your face” reaction from the “wannabe governor,” then reflect on this. Mr. Kamenetz wants to turn Baltimore County into a sanctuary county.  

Aside from risking federal funds, which has been well established by the courts as far back as 1830, the influx of immigrants into the county public schools will bring new demands on an already over-taxed (no double meaning intended) school system.

By the way, here is what the Sun said regarding Dance’s budget.

That is the perception of Dance’s program, while the reality also has been reported in a hard-hitting piece by Sun reporter Liz Bowie.  It’s an eye opening experience, as these quotes show:

The crisis has put pressure on the United States, which accepts about 70,000 refugees annually, to do more. The Obama administration recently announced that it will raise the ceiling and let in 85,000 refugees next year and 100,000 refugees a year by 2017. This comes after 77,000 undocumented youths have made their way across the border with Mexico in the past two years, stoking a nationwide debate about the strain on resources.

Many of these immigrants, like Monique, find their way to East Baltimore’s Patterson High School, which has one of the state’s highest percentages of foreign-language students. These students, who have interrupted or little schooling, are often a puzzle to educators and may remain in culture shock for months. State and national statistics show they post the lowest pass rates on standardized tests — and are dropping out at a higher rate — than any other group.

So rather than focus on party time at the DNC, as shown below, the County Executive and Councilwoman Bevins should be touting ways to deal with the multitude of problems the county faces.


“Howdy, my name is Cathy Bevins. I am a Councilwoman from Baltimore County and these are my friends. Can you guess which one is real?”


With the infrastructure is falling apart and our local roads almost too clogged to navigate, Mr. Kamenetz is following the path of … um, what’s his name? … oh yeah, Martin O’Malley, whose bid for the White House was so poor that the NY papers reported only one person showed up for his rally. To make matters worse, the former governor also flamed out in his bid to be the chairman of the democratic party.

It is becoming so bad that Mr. Kamenetz is starting to sound like former Obama Chief of Staff, and current mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, who declared that his city is a sanctuary city despite having the highest homicide rate in the country. (Simply put, Chicago is a place where African Americans are being slaughtered at an unbelievable rate.)

The question I have is how can Chicago be seen as a sanctuary city when its own citizens are being killed in record numbers?

Maybe Mr. Kamenetz will hide the immigrants in order to look like a progressive just like Superintendent Dance, who promotes plenty of left-wing policies like the STAT program–a $375 million free computers for students boondoggle.

By the way, the STAT program is untested and will not positively impact students who cannot speak English.

Either way, the behavior of Mr. Kamenetz is becoming so out of touch with the voters that there is a real possibility he also will be in the 1% vote tally area similar to his counterpart, Mr. O’Malley.

The people have spoken, and entrenched politicians should be taking notice.

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