Pat McDonough Advocates a County-wide Youth Curfew Program
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 9th August 2017

Pat McDonough, Republican Candidate for Baltimore County Executive.

Our take: There are two kinds of politicians–one whose lips move and says nothing, and one whose lips move because he is saying something important.

Our motto – “You read; you decide.”

McDonough’s coverage of another important issue.

“…it may be time to institute a county-wide youth curfew program.”


Published as written but Pat McDonough

The recent reckless murder of a 13 year old girl in Baltimore County has residents worried that Baltimore City type violence is spilling over into our neighborhoods. Although County crime is nowhere near the level of City crime, our public safety problems appear to be growing. The statistics that are available claim otherwise but as an elected representative, I have been receiving a growing number of calls about robberies, burglaries and nuisance crimes.

It is important that we attack this problem before it grows beyond our control. I have a number of actions that should be initiated that would bring a pro-active law enforcement policy that would protect the County. Young people are committing a large number of public nuisance crimes, which means it may be time to institute a county-wide youth curfew program. This curfew must be strongly enforced. Zero tolerance has been criticized by the press and the pro-criminal lobby. Baltimore County needs a lawfully enforced zero tolerance policy. The quality of life in our neighborhoods is essential to the success and stability of our future. Public nuisance crimes and residents who disturb their neighborhoods must not be tolerated. Residents in Section 8 voucher supported homes must follow the rules and regulations of their contracts or be removed. As your Baltimore County Executive, I will strictly enforce these rules.

In order to send a message to anyone willing to commit gun violence in our County, I will implement “Project Exile.” This federal program will prosecute gun violent perpetrators by imposing mandatory sentencing and transfer them to out of state prisons at federal expense. I have introduced a “Criminal Gun Control Act” in the State Legislature. This proposal mandated a 10 year sentence prohibiting parole, plea bargaining and the right of a judge to dismiss the charge. The pro-criminal legislators in Annapolis defeated the bill. However, I will introduce the bill again in the 2018 session of the Maryland General Assembly.

Recently, judges in Baltimore City have been criticized for dismissing gun violence cases. In order to avoid a detachment of the community from the judicial system, I would implement a “Court Watch” program. Volunteers would be recruited to be observers in the courtrooms. A state of the art website would be developed to disclose judicial decisions and records to the general public. The Baltimore County Administration would render full support for this project.

Of course, the great danger facing all of us is the Mexican heroin epidemic. Gangs like MS-13 are conducting chemical warfare upon our people. We must use the combined power of the federal, state and local law enforcement assets to remove them from Baltimore County. Undercover agents, intelligence specialists and every partner necessary must be used to shut down criminal illegal immigrants and terminate all sanctuary policies.

The strength of Baltimore County’s future depends upon the strength of its neighborhoods. I would focus on a policy that promotes a civic association in every community. A “Citizens on Patrol” should be part of the association fully supported by the County Executive and law enforcement.

The “Put People First” slogan which is part of my campaign to become your next Baltimore County Executive promises that the peoples’ best interests will be the top priority in every policy including public safety. Although you may not agree with all of these ideas, it is important that elected representatives take public safety seriously and fight for the victims, not the perpetrators. Baltimore County will be a “rule of law” county.

Put People First

Delegate Pat McDonough, Candidate for Baltimore County Executive


Now some of you may want to take a gander at the below video which is full of–Sis boom bah and not much else. Those who take issue with our assessment we have a comments section to debate our choice of words.


All hands on deck!

The below screen-shot was sent to the Post by several readers. Their interpretation was this was more a politically motivated action by the county administration.

The Post, is only reflecting viewpoint of our readers who sent in the screenshot. There are some issues there were not mentioned regarding the below award. Is this a coincidence or planned move to enhance Mr. Olzewski’s candidacy for Baltimore County Executive?

The Post would love to hear from other officers at the precinct on their thoughts regarding this matter.


A coincidence or something else?

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