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Posted by Buzz Beeler on 18th January 2017

March 4, 2014 4:09 pm ET

NPCA President corrals County Executive for association meeting

Source: Patro’s No Patsy

I’m very good at providing my opinion in this blog (after all, it is my blog), but today I am going to give you some advice.

Ready? OK, here it comes:

Don’t ever tell North Point Community Association (NPCA) President Dave Patro that you are going to do something and not follow through, because he will neverlet you forget about it. He will make sure you honor your commitment, come hell or high water. To put it mildly, one way or the other, he will track you down and pleasantly remind you.

Did I say pleasantly? Sure, we will go with that term.

(I’m sure you want to know the story behind this, so I’ll fill you in now…)

You see, Dave is a devoted community leader. He leads with passion and dedication. In simpler language, don’t mess with North Point Village.

Prior to the latest NPCA meeting, Dave met behind closed doors (wow, where have I heard that phrase before?) with County Executive Kevin Kamenetz. Then, at the beginning of the well-attended NPCA meeting, Dave told the audience that he was pleased with the communication between himself and Mr. Kamenetz.

In other words, Dave was letting everyone know that he passed along this message: “Don’t turn your back on our community because we need your help.”

The only sour note from Dave regarding the County Executive came when Dave talked about how he was disappointed that a binder he submitted to the county executive’s office was never delivered to Mr. Kamenetz for review. Dave said he would not tolerate the total disregard and careless treatment of a community project that was the result of a lot of hard work.

Then, with that in mind, Dave outlined some of the problems facing one of the oldest and well known communities in Dundalk.

He talked about a new community center and programs geared toward helping seniors. He also mentioned a Summer Youth Employment Program. He wants to further utilize Battle Grove Elementary School.

Dave also went into the very hot topic of Code Enforcement (CE). He wants more direct access to the code officers, and he would like to see CE become more proactive than reactive.

He also was not satisfied with the county’s current choice of extermination companies—to that end, Dave introduced Bill Whitcomb from Orkin Pest Control. Dave is hoping that Mr. Whitcomb can do more to control the expanding rat problem the community faces.

Also during the meeting, he lamented the problems with vacant houses, focusing on one particular abandoned home where various stray animals are being housed and fed. This has led to a situation where Animal Control will not respond due to the fact that the animals are being cared for, so to speak.

Now, as I recall from my days as a police officer, Animal Control responds as long as the animals are confined. However, in this case, it seems that they are confined in a home, so it doesn’t count. (The fact that the home is not occupied and owned by the bank is beside the point, I imagine.)

Dave also wants a sign to announce to the rest of the community the various events and upcoming meetings impacting the local residents. And finally, he discussed other issues involving a playground for young children and the handicapped.

At the end, Dave thanked the County Executive for attending the meeting and said, in the future, his positive actions will go a long way in making the North Point Village Community whole.

Now, let me mention another sour note that arose from people who attended the meeting. I received an email from several community members who were concerned about a proposed animal shelter. To say it mildly, they were not only disappointed in Mr. Kamenetz’s responses concerning the shelter, but also with his rather gruff attitude in responding to the residents’ concerns. Here is a direct quote from one response: “You have your opinion, and I have mine.”

Needless to say, that did not sit well the community members who were voicing their concerns.

And, last but not least, the meeting featured several local candidates who were allowed several minutes to introduce themselves and provide a glimpse of their agenda. Those present were Democratic Delegate hopefuls Jake Mohorovic and Eric Washington, as well as Democratic Council candidates “Buddy” Staigerwald, Joe DiCara, and Scott Holpuka.

Now, getting back to the opinion portion of the blog, I believe this will be a very interesting race, as there are a number of Democratic candidates running to face Republican Todd Crandall, who is unopposed in the primary. I suppose Mr. Crandall will have to wait for the dust—or blood, if you wish—to settle before the general election.

As you know, long-serving Councilman John Olszewski Jr. is not seeking another term. And that’s all I have to say about that.

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