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April 29, 2015 12:22 am ET

It’s time to stop the political correctness that is destroying our country

Source: PC = BS

Photo used with permission of victim and family

Before I go on this latest rant (and, let me assure you, there is a valid reason for my ranting), I want to put forward a few ground rules.

First, there will be no names used in this blog, as I don’t want to cause any further pain to those mentioned. Second, I will speak out on the side of justice for a senior citizen who was just trying to protect his property and did not deserve the pain and suffering he received. And third, I will blast those who fail to stand up and speak the truth.

Now, with that out of the way, here goes some serious venom, folks.

This man did not deserve this. The community did not deserve this. And, if the Baltimore County Police Chief Jim (can’t find his way home) Johnson can’t protect the citizens of this community, then he needs to go.

This situation did not develop overnight. Because it festered for so long, it is safe to say that this should have never happened because it could have been stopped.

I see that the left-wing Baltimore Sun doesn’t have the courage to reveal the truth rather than spew this lame comment from the most recent article on this incident:

“The hospital said Monday he is no longer being treated there, but a picture of the man in the hospital with a swollen and bruised face circulated on Facebook.”

They make it sound like no big deal. Swollen and bruised??? A bruise is what children often refer to as a “boo boo.” Swollen??? Sorry, Sun, but it’s a lot worse than swollen. And the comment, “The hospital said Monday he is no longer being treated there …” makes it sound like he went home to kick back and relax, living happily ever after.

But that’s not the case—not by a long shot. The injuries sustained are more serious than the paper makes it seem, and the victim did not go home cheerily. Rather, he was transferred to another facility and the prognosis could be a lot more serious than first believed.

So, why is this story being downplayed in the lame-stream media? Simply put, it goes against the PC agenda that is being crammed down our throats on a daily basis.

Frankly, I am so angry and sick of the PC rhetoric shoved upon us by left-wing liberals who fail to report the truth. The reality of this situation needs to be addressed—this man’s life may never be the same after this savage attack by, as the Sun reports, “students.”

Let’s not call them students. Let’s call them what they really are: criminals who should not be allowed to live in a civilized society, let alone have a mouthpiece in the name of Stephanie Rawlings-Blake who stated that she “…gave those who wished to destroy space to do that, as well.”

Did anyone read that in the Sun? You bet we did! Here is the mayor of a major urban area saying that she gave rioting thugs “space” to do their dirty deeds.

There’s leadership for you, eh folks?

Now, after she opened her PC liberal mouth and inserted her foot, the Mayor is crying that people are “picking on” her, because—she insists—she never said that, even though the video shows exactly what she said.

Her attempt at PC-ness has set the city back 100 years.

Now, to our illustrious Chief Johnson, I say the following: You knew about this problem for years and failed to bring it under control.

I suppose someone was too busy running and hiding from the law.

Chief Johnson, I want you to take a long hard look at this poor victim and do your damn job (pardon the strong language). You mouth off all the time about how safe the county is, but that is a lie. You see, when you don’t write reports on crimes, then the statistics say there is no crime.

Go ahead and tell the folks how many calls are received vs. how many reports are written, if you have the guts.

Last, but not least, on my list is our State’s Attorney. The victim was almost killed by these, pardon the phrase, urban students, and, Mr. Schellenberger, if they are not charged as adults, I hope some attorney reads this and comes seeking your job next election.

Funny thing—when I had jury duty, I found out that a little over one percent of cases ever see the courtroom.

Our system is no longer about justice; rather, it has devolved into “let’s make a deal.”

If the Sun, Johnson, and Rawlings-Blake can’t stand up and tell the truth, then they all need to find another job. Simply put, anything less than the truth leads to what is staring you in the face at the top of this column.

For now, I will rest my venom and direct my concern to the victim and his family. I want to thank them for their bravery, along with their trust in me to use their story to reveal how political correctness has led to a city that just committed a self-inflicted wound that will take decades to heal, all because some lame politicians don’t have the guts to stand up and defend the truth.

Because, in the end my friends, the truth is what will set all of us free.

God bless the victim and his family. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. I know that they are in mine.

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