Pelosi calls MS-13 “God’s children” while the radical Squad plans legislation to make them legal
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 7th February 2020

Before we get to the crux of this column, here’s a reminder of how serious the situation is regarding illegals for those of us living in reality.

Listen carefully while watching video of Tucker Carlson below. Mr. Carlson’s report brings to light Nancy Pelosi’s comments about MS-13 members being “God’s children.”

But it doesn’t end there, folks.

Mr. Carlson then follows up with the far-left radical attempt by “The Squad.” Those lawmakers actually want to allow all illegals with previous criminal activity to have the right to regain entry into this country. And, even worse, is the Squad members want to force the taxpayers to foot the bill for those illegals to waltz back across the border.


Members of the far-left radical Squad. One of their members and feminists quote regarding the Pres. was “let’s impeach the Mother F*&%#*. ( Photo credit/The Guardian)


Folks, we find this behavior abhorrent. How dare these politicians put the interests of these illegals/criminals ahead of the interest of U.S. citizens.

We invite you to watch the report and decide for yourself the impact these radicals are having on our nation.

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