Update: Police Proactively Pursue Pellet Perpetrators
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 27th February 2017
1 of 23 cars vandalized in Dundalk. Possibly with Pellet guns


The Dundalk Precinct of the Baltimore County Police Department ,  proactively seeks the perps for targeting a reported 23 acts of vehicles being vandalized.

Update:  This email from Sgt. Robert Stelmack of the Community Action Team was sent out to the public.  It reads as follows:

“There has been a recent rash of bb/pellet gun destruction of properties stretching across the precinct.  It involves vehicles, homes  and businesses.  There aren’t any known suspects at this time.  Our IST team is putting together a possible list of suspects that they will look at. In the Moorgate/Denbury Rd area a dark colored sports utility vehicle with dark tinted window is observed on surveillance driving slowing in the area and circling around but there is no further leads.

If anyone can add to a possible suspect please let me or your Outreach Officer know.  In the meantime our officers are stopping and interviewing suspicious vehicles and suspects,  especially during the evening hours.”


Sgt.  Robert Stelmack

The vehicles had windows shattered by what appears to be a BB or pellet gun weapon.

It appears that the vandalism is random, as the areas targeted include a wide swath of Dundalk. With that said, the police are in full proactive mode to find the culprits, according to Sgt. Robert Stelmack, supervisor of the precinct’s Community Action Team.

It would appear that due to the various areas targeted, the suspects are shooting from a moving vehicle in order to conceal their weapons. It appears highly unlikely that the suspects are hitting their targets from on foot.

Sergeant Stelmack also advised that Lt. Peters and Sgt. Defelice of the precinct’s IST Unit are pursuing some promising leads and are urging the community to report any suspicious activity that may be observed. Anyone who contacts the police can do so anonymously (to belay any fear of reprisal).

Anyone wishing to provide valuable information can call the Dundalk Precinct at 410-887-7320, or call 911 if you witness a crime in progress.

The Post will provide updates as they become available.



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