Political “Turn-Around”
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 21st January 2017

September 8, 2016 9:51 am ET

Bevins turns her back on constituents, rams through Paragon and other development deals

Source: Political “Turn-Around”

Photo credit/Cathy Bevins Facebook

As you may have guessed, the headline for this column is a play on words including the above photo. Had I used a more common term, I would have gone for the following:

Political Suicide: A concept by which a politician or political party loses widespread support and confidence from the voting public by proposing actions that are seen as unfavorable or that might threaten the status quo.

And, like the “Hokey Pokey” song says, “That’s what it’s all about.”

In this column, I’m going to show you the real deal concerning political suicide as we look into the eyes of someone caught in the act, so to speak.

You might recognize the person in the following video as she commits this very self-destructive act.

Take a look at the video, and then I will provide some interesting perspective (via links) that will leave little doubt as to the motives behind the moves—namely money and power.

This is the first act of self-destruction


Remember, folks, she had a good teacher—Jim Smith, a development lawyer who sewed some of his seeds into Fort Howard.

Listen to the councilwoman’s reasoning—it’s extremely fallible.

I will capsulate it in the following email, which is the second one I sent to her office. (She ignored the first one.)

Councilwoman Cathy Bevins

6th District, Baltimore County MD

Dear Councilwoman Bevins:

(For the record)

Note: Edited for grammatical content only.

I am working on a column regarding your recent zoning changes. Previously you have failed to answer my emails regarding your decision.

I have some additional questions to ask.

Your campaign reports amount to roughly 25% of donations from those associated with developers amounting to around $15,000.

If you wish to dispute this please provide a complete list and the ones in question.

You took a personal donation of $500 from an associate of Quarry Homes. A further search or a PIA may require turning up other donations.

You mentioned in your interview with WBAL TV that you reached out to the community before making your decision because you could not wait for the protracted ballet issue and yet the issue was set for the ballot box until you steeped in to ram this and other development deals through despite 26,000 voters who saw differently.

You mention the need for jobs. Other than construction jobs which may not come from the area, I.E. the building of Dundalk High, what jobs are you referring to? Retail jobs do not pay living wages and my BC Living Wage Calculator paints a dim picture of this as tax revenue. You also mention nothing of tax credits to the developers which according the latest studies actually negatively affect the taxpayers.

Who pays for the infra-structure upgrades that will be huge? You don’t mention that.

You might also take note of the traffic issues as these photos reveal:


In addition you have this issue:


It seems without sound judgment you have chosen to represent the developers rather than your constituents.

I am interviewing people who have contacted me with their concerns over these matters.

I hope you can respond this time.

I plan to publish the column tomorrow. If you intend to comment or rebut please let me know and I will include that in the article.


Buzz Beeler

(Authors note–no reply)

On top of the truth bomb that I just detonated, here is another comment from one of the community leaders who opposes Mrs. Bevins. This is also an interesting read:

Note: This link is provided for the safety of the citizens.


“It is with great displeasure that I must inform the residents of White Marsh-Cowenton that the Baltimore County Council concluded the CZMP process this evening.

With regard to Issue 6-020 (Vince’s Auto Salvage/Junk Yard property), Councilwoman Cathy Bevins has APPROVED the zoning change to DR 5.5 (32.47 acres), which will allow 150-160 town homes to be developed on this property.

This decision was made despite a very large number of residents who testified against this zoning change in June at Parkville High School.

Councilwoman Bevins has acted for Quarry Homes’ benefit rather than the benefit of the residents of White Marsh-Cowenton, many of whom will be directly affected by this zoning change.

We plan to bring media attention to this issue. If you are willing to sign a petition that you are opposed to this zoning change, or be interviewed by a reporter, please contact WMCCA via PO Box 677, White Marsh, MD 21162-9998, wmcca.president@gmail.com, or 443.415.2295 (please leave a voice mail).

We MUST pull together as a Community to prevent this property from development, for various reasons — lack of infrastructure, lack of adequate schools/roads, and especially the potential for serious soil and ground water contamination related to the current use of the property.”

Hold onto to your hats, cuz we still ain’t done. (Misspellings are intentional and provided for effect.)

There is more in the way of fan mail that is not so friendly. With that said, I’m going to pick out some of the rather tame ones so not to cause a blood bath.

Besides, Mrs. Bevins seems rather capable of bleeding out on her own.

Here is one email, for your reading pleasure:

My primary objection to making Vince’s Junk Yard a housing development is traffic safety and adding more traffic to an old road (Philadelphia Road-Route 7) that has not been improved and updated in about 60 years despite the growth and development that feeds into it! I would definitely like to sign a petition and I know of others who would be willing to sign it too!

I am more than happy to sign a petition against the development of the property known as Vince’s Auto Body. I am beyond upset to see the development that has been allowed to date on Cowenton (as well as many other issues the Balt County Council has created). I am happy to be interviewed by a reporter as well. I am an attorney with 15 years of experience (and have live in Perry Hall for the past 16 years) and I believe I could provide a clear and articulate representation of the negative results and future issues these types of decisions create. We live in Fields of White Marsh and are against the building of the townhouse community at this site. Philadelphia Road cannot accommodate the influx of traffic especially given the two new projects on Cowenton Ave.

Here are some others:

I will gladly sign a petition or speak to the media. This is horrible for our schools, current residents, and our infrastructure. The traffic along this section of Philadelphia Rd is already unbearable. Not to mention the countless accidents along this stretch. Please keep me posted. Thanks…

I live in Williams Estates off of Eastern Avenue. As I frequent businesses in that area I am saddened by more homes being built there. Traffic will worsen along Rt. 7 as well as Ebenezer Road. I am very concerned about the wildlife that will be affected. As 43 is overdeveloped, this would further drive out wildlife from their habitats. I’m tired of seeing deer and other animals hit by cars and left to die on the side of the roads. I will sign a petition opposing this zoning change.

Hello, I live a few blocks from Vince’s and heard that they will be building 150 to 160 townhouses on his property. It took me 15 minutes this morning to get from Holter Road to Joppa Road. When something happens on 95 which is almost every day the traffic goes to Phila. Rd and Pulaski Hwy. Now with all these homes being built I will have to leave my home at 6 am instead of 7:30. I do not think this should be build there at all. Thanks for listening.

With Perry Hall schools already overcrowded where do these kids plan to attend schools?

We must stand together and block this, why is the homeowner and private citizen ignored? Our Councilmen and women are getting something back for approving this. The taxpayers should have the voice over the Councilmember who approved this. Where is the anger and voice of the people on this community?

The traffic is voluminous on Philadelphia road now

I will fight this however possible — I hope others join. I cannot imagine how horribly this will affect the Philadelphia Rd corridor in White Marsh… not to mention the most likely highly contaminated land they are going to disrupt and develop. One things is for sure — I WILL NOT VOTE FOR CATHY BEVINS

IN 2018!!

And, finally, the following link may jog your memory just a tad:


Lastly, I finish with a comment from yet another email:

Can you say kickbacks? I can’t believe what has happened to the area I grew up in.

Believe it, folks. Truth is stranger than fiction.

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