Pols and Cons Are All Repeat Offenders
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 25th January 2018
Defendant: Kelby L. Tews | Photo Credit: Courtesy Baltimore County Police Dept).


In a previous column titled On a Highway to Hell, the Post described horrific road conditions in Baltimore County due to the political neglect of our elected officials.

What you’re about to read is another example of the reality created by those in office who fail to protect our citizens by allowing repeat offenders to leave a path of death, destruction, and ruined lives without any accountability.

The below letter was written by a man whose wife was involved in a violent car crash caused by a DUI repeat offender, Kelby L. Tews. According to the police report, there were two crashes that occurred. The first incident happened in front of the entrance to the Giant store in Dundalk. Police said the suspect struck a vehicle in the southbound lanes of Merit Boulevard and, in an attempt to flee the scene, crossed over into the northbound lanes Merritt Boulevard and fled south to the intersection of Westfield Road. That is where he struck two more vehicles, sending one person to Shock Trauma Hospital and another victim to JHU Bayview. The latter victim had potential life-threatening injuries.

After the two crashes, the suspect fled from the scene on foot until he was apprehended a short time later and arrested. Despite all the carnage this man caused, he was released on bail by district court commissioner. As a commissioner, would you release that man knowing he had a long record involving DUI offenses?

Just prior to the crash, police estimated suspect’s vehicle was traveling at a speed between 80 and 90 mph.

Prior to publishing this story, the Post received a phone call from the husband of the most critically injured victim. He described her as being extremely distraught and in severe pain as a result of the accident caused by the suspected repeat DUI offender.

The husband also described the enormous cost he and his wife are enduring and will have to bear throughout remainder of his family’s life. You see, folks, the reality of these horrific but yet often untold stories fails to describe that the offenders have little insurance and little to no assets, so the victims are often left to carry the burden of the medical costs.

We strongly urge everyone who reads this nightmare to consider this when you go to the polls during the midterm elections.  If there is no change in the asylum known as Annapolis, these types of horrific stories will continue to go unabated.

The letter below has been edited for clarity.

My wife worked on November 26, 2017. I got off work early from my part time job. I was making supper when she came home. She ask me if I wanted to g to J.C. Penny to get a gift for a co workers birthday. I stayed home to finish. About a hour or so I went up stairs to check my phone. I noticed she had sent a voice mail. She was crying for me to help her. She was I an accident and can’t move. I called 911 but was so emotional I couldn’t speak properly. I had to call again. I told them about the call from my wife. the operator said there were several accidents on Merritt blvd. I called my son ( Baltimore City Police Officer ) he couldn’t make cense of what I was talking about. At that time I heard the police, ambulance and a helicopter. I got dressed and drove to Merritt blvd. It was shut down from German Hill Road to Wise avenue. I identified myself to the police, they took me to her car. Her car was demolished. The doors had to be cut off so they could remove my wife. They told me she was taken to Shock Trauma in Baltimore. We I got to the hospital I was directed to her location. there were Shock Trauma doctors and nurses all around her. They had just finished with Cat Scanes etc. They told me she had to have blood and ask for my permission to operate on her Aorta . After several hours I was told to go home and get some rest. About 4 am they called and said they needed to do something with her lungs. She had a collapsed lung. later that day I was told of the extent of her injuries. In addiction to the heart and lung issues, she suffered a broken collar bone several broken ribs, fractured hips several broken bones in the lower back and a broken pelvic bone. Internal injuries also. We are truly great full to Shock Trauma for saving her life. She was at Shock Trauma for 12 days before being transferred to Good Samaritan Hospital. After about two weeks she was taken by ambulance to Heritage rehab Center. She was there about one month. The ambulance brought her home last Thursday. She is able to walk around the house with a walker. I had a Stair Glide installed so she has access to the upstairs. ( $1,000.00 ) first 3 months. $150.00 per month after that. insurance doesn’t cover this. Had to buy a hospital bed and other things she needs. it cost $400.00 to bring my wife home in the ambulance. She has an appointment at Shock Trauma with the Vascular Doctor. The cost to take her there and back home is $900.00. She will have several more appointments in the next year. These are only a few of the expenses that we have to pay because of a Three Time Coveted Drunk Driver. The Medical bills will exceed $250,000/00. My insurance will pay a large part, but we will have to pay many thousands of dollars. His insurance will pay a small part of the bills but we will be responsible for the balance. Unless you have experienced a tragic accident like this you can’t even begin to imagine what is involved. Not just the financial expense but the emotion stress is a thousand times greater. I wake up several times a night worrying about what is going to happen to my wife. will she be able to walk, will she have use of her left arm. It is very possible she will have permanent injuries as a result of this accident, and might not be able to work again. I had to quit my part time job to spend more time helping her. We were both very healthy before this accident. Neither of take any kind of medications except for vitamins. We were very active physically. we would take our grand daughter to the park exercise go swimming hiking etc. this part of our future is uncertain.


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