Pols Planning to Erase More History?
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 20th August 2017
The United States Coast Guard Cutter USCGC Taney — the last surviving warship of Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941


Update: After publishing this column the Post received numerous calls regarding the following Facebook posting, which is listed below:

Kathy Szeliga

I agree with Gov. Hogan. Two years ago, I had a bill drafted to have the Taney statue removed and did not file the bill because I had not found a place to move it.

Mayor Pugh and Governor Hogan, are you going to sink this piece of history too?

Could this be another sneak attack by pols engaging in Orwellian tactics to erase our past?


“On 7 December 1986, after more than 50 years of continuous service, TANEY was decommissioned at Portsmouth, Virginia, and donated to the City of Baltimore to serve as a memorial and museum.”

The above quote was taken from the history of the US Coast Guard Cutter, USCGC Taney.

Before I go into detail about the antics behind this column and the lunacy driving the destruction of US history, let me remind our readers where the fault actually lies.

Here is a little history lesson about one of the longest serving politicians in hallowed (or hollow) halls of Congress. His name was Sen. Robert Byrd. If you want to know who he is, just a ask Bill and Hillary Clinton. Bill spoke at his funeral. In addition, the late Senator’s name is on numerous buildings in his home state West Virginia.

You may be interested to know that Sen. Byrd was a Democrat … and a member of the KKK.

In fact, if you look at history, you will find that the Democratic Party supported slavery in its earliest beginnings. This is well documented, so do your homework and search for the information. You may be shocked at what you find.

So now, the State of Maryland and Baltimore City are making national headlines, but for all the wrong reasons. Instead of focusing on the issues confronting not the State and the City (one of the most violent cities in the nation), and instead of dealing with the real problems of violence, poverty, crime, immigration, infrastructure, and a multitude of other serious issues, we have a mayor and governor who seem to be on the same page as the rest of this movement to destroy our nation from within by erasing our history.

If people stopped and thought about the various monuments and events that are part of this nation’s history, both good and bad, they might be shocked at what they find. Both sides of this battle have events in the past that are less than flattering according to our PC society today.

This seems to be an issue of the pot calling the kettle black, as the left is attempting to both erase history and stifle any discourse that opposes their views.

We have seen this in California at the University of Berkeley, Charleston, Boston, and other parts of the country where there is a movement to further enable the radical left in their efforts. They are content to forget their cries about everyone having the right to speak freely, as they continue destroying anything that challenges their agenda, including the erasing the history of our nation’s founding father, George Washington.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Maybe the governor and the mayor could get together and re-stage the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor by using the USS Torsk, which made more than 10,000 kills during its long service to this nation, to sink the USCGC Taney. As ludicrous as this may sound, it is not far from the reality of what is taking place today in the United States.

I have, in previous columns, referred to the governor as a RiNO (pronounced “rhino” and standing for “Republican in Name Only”).  There are reports indicating that pressure from House Speaker and leader of the Democratic Party in Annapolis Michael Bush influenced the governor’s decision pertaining to the removal of the statehouse statute. One might think the governor would have enough common sense and guts stop this insanity; however, he chose to follow it.

Sadly, that may be the lasting legacy of Larry Hogan’s political career.

Here is something for Mr. Kamenetz to ponder in his own backyard. I would suggest that he reads the deed regarding another historical site — Todd’s Inheritance on North Point Rd. in Edgemere.  Well, Mr. Kamenetz, get your axes and steam shovels ready because here’s what deed says:


(Excerpt from the deed to the Todd’s Inheritance:)

Click on to enlarge document.



I will end this history lesson with the column I wrote on linking the governor to being a RiNO. If anyone disagrees, use the comment section below or Facebook to express what you think is reasonable.

The current polls show 62% of the nation feels that these now removed statutes are a part of history – good or bad – while 20% oppose it.  With that in mind, we must focus on issues that impact all of us, such as healthcare, infrastructure, tax breaks, national security, and tax reform for the middle class. Thesrather than a statue which, like it or not, is part of our history and cannot be erased.

Who in their right mind would destroy such history involving sacrifices of thousands of our war heroes at Pearl Harbor? Look at the beginning of this column and you will see the answers.

Both Gov. Larry Hogan and Mayor Catherine Pugh will make history by destroying it.


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