Pols Take “Hands On” Stance For “Hands Off” Issue
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 21st January 2017

March 26, 2016 4:09 pm ET

Delegates Long, Metzgar and Senator Johnny Salling reach out regarding sexual harassment at Dundalk school

Source: Pols Take “Hands On” Stance For “Hands Off” Issue

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It all began here when a concerned parent posted a video message pleading for the safety of her daughter, who attends General John Sticker Middle School in Dundalk.

To say that the movement spread like a wildfire from there would be an understatement. Through the power of social media, namely Facebook, a movement was formed—Hands Off, Don’t Touch.

Channel 2 News broadcast a feature on this issue. I was told that the story has gone national. Here is the link to the original news segment:


Shortly thereafter, the Hands Off, Don’t Touch Facebook page was created. Below is a link to that site, which (hopefully) will provide a voice for other victims as well:


With all of that said, my blog will focus more on the man behind these problems—Dr. Dallas Dance. I have provided many blogs and links so readers can comprehend entire story of the PC movement that is causing numerous issues in our schools.

Before I provide the response from our political leaders—and one “out of touch” councilman—I need to provide background on the PC agenda that allows these situations to fester to the point that they explode into chaos.

This is not new territory in the BCPS system. At a recent school board meeting, I witnessed two mothers from Lansdowne High, who pleaded with the school board to address their concerns with the violence that threatened their daughters’ safety at the out-of-control school.

There are a multitude of problems within the BCPS system that are not being addressed in my opinion because Dr. Dallace Dance is a left wing ideologue, who will stop at nothing to further his progressive agenda.

I have written countless blogs about Dr. Dance focusing on some of the controversial issues plaguing his autocratic rule. That rule includes fear and intimidation directed toward anyone who speaks out against Dance’s agenda, especially since he is about to become a dominant figure on the national education scene.

How can I say this, you may ask? Dr. Dance charges $5,000 a pop to speak across the country.

That is also the subject of controversy. Simply put, that is one heck of a pricey house call for the “doctor.”

I have spoken to many teachers, and I can tell you that the fear is palpable if one dares to speak out against the Dance agenda.

Just read this account of one incident facing scrutiny by the school board and Dr. Dance.

From there, I want you to look at a recent production of Dr. Dance’s achievements on LinkedIn—you will begin to understand how the situation at General John Sticker Middle School could happen. This message looks more like a Hollywood production with all the glamour and glitz attached. The only problem is that the message has no data as proof.

These incidents are allowed to happen because of a lack of leadership, along with the dreaded PC agenda, including this incident.

I continue to file Public Information Acts to seek the truth from BCPS. However, those attempts are only met with silence and ineptness.

I will write more on that later.

The question I’m sure many of us keep asking is, “What are they hiding?”

Now, with all of that said, here is the response from Delegate Bob Long on the “Hands Off” issue:

TO: Buzz Beeler

I am aware of what is taking place at General John Stricker Middle School and I take this as being a very serious matter.

I will work diligently to shed light on this issue and to bring this matter to a quick resolution to ensure the safety of our Children.

Delegate Bob Long

I have also spoken with Delegate Ric Metzgar, who assured me that he will be looking into this situation.

Finally, I understand that Senator Johnny Salling has promised action in getting to the bottom of the matter.

As I said in the headline, it appears that our pols are taking a “hands on” approach. This is refreshing.

Now, I want to make a special note concerning this problem.

I recently attended a community association meeting where the guest speaker was Councilman Todd Crandell. The subject of the Patapsco High incident came up during the meeting. These were his responses—be sure to listen to his tone of voice as he said it’s not his job to look into matters of the school board.

This seems to be a pattern for the councilman as I continue to receive complaints from citizens and community groups. I’ll have more on Mr. Crandell’s lack of leadership later.

To close out this blog post, at least Ms. Wiseman’s cry for help, and her tenacity in seeking a resolution to this very serious issue, is not being ignored. She is being heard by other concerned parents, as well as taxpayers and voters.

Dr. Dance has a lot to lose if he fails to address the continuing problematic conduct issues that his liberal agenda have allowed. And now that some of our elected officials are involved, they too must also achieve a resolution to this perplexing problem.

I want to warn those who have supported this movement that these types of issues will not be solved overnight. To that end, the media, both social and mainstream, must be diligent.

I strongly suggest that interested parties view this year’s Academy Award winning best film, Spotlight, which tells the story of the Boston Globes Pulitzer Prize investigation into the scandal involving the abuse of children by priests in the Catholic Church. The paper wrote a total of 500 articles before bringing down one of the most powerful churches on the planet. In the end, there were more than 1,000 victims in Boston alone.

(For those interested in reading more of my coverage of Dr. Dance and the BCPS, go to this site and scroll down through the various blogs.)

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