Presidential Debate Round 1: Who was the victor?
Posted by Rick Ostopowicz on 30th September 2020
Trump and Biden exchanged quite a few punches during the debate, but did it matter? Polls show an overwhelming majority of viewers had their minds made up before the debate aired, and very few were changing their minds afterward. (Photo Credit: Business Insider)

Well, that was … um … interesting.

Last night’s debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden certainly had its moments.

Interruptions, name calling, accusations, poor moderating, wildly subjective interpretations of data and facts—all present and accounted for during the 90-minute fiasco.

When it was all over, critics on both sides declared it more of a debacle than a debate. But, according to several media outlets, the exchanges between the candidates did little-to-nothing to change people’s minds.

Polls show that 90% of voters had their minds made up before the debate, and very few of them were switching sides afterward.

Then again, we all know just how accurate polls are. (See: 2016 election/Hillary’s downfall for more details.)

Here’s our interpretation of last night’s debate: President Trump remained steadfast in his in-your-face ‘Twitter persona,’ and former VP Biden did some two-stepping and back-tracking on key issues. Neither one landed a knockout blow on the other.

Was there a clear winner of last night’s debate? It really depends on who you’re asking … which is why we’re asking you.

Let us know your opinion by voting below:

Who won the first presidential debate?

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