‘Prince of Wokeness’ Mark Zuckerberg continues to censor The Baltimore Post
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 29th June 2020

It appears that Fox’s Tucker Carlson was correct when he predicted that small conservative media corporations will be silenced by liberal left-wing social media giants in a direct attempt to quell free speech.

We can absolutely confirm that is happening, folks.

We recently discussed how The Baltimore Post was censored by Facebook when trying to broaden the reach for one of our articles.

To modify a popular idiom, “Oops, they did it again (and again).”

On two more occasions, The Post was a victim of the woke culture in this country.


Click the image to view the latest examples of Facebook’s draconian censorship.


The sad part is that many of these creatures of wokeness have no clue about what they are trying to destroy. They know nothing of the history of this country, and they certainly know nothing about what “freedom of speech” really means.

The Baltimore Post has heard from other conservatives who have been banned to Facebook jail because of their “against the liberel grain” viewpoints.

We certainly are not the only conservative small media group that is being censored by the woke culture of liberalism. This is exactly why Congress must take action to stop the trampling of our First Amendment rights.

The Baltimore Post is a licensed media corporation, and we should have the right to express the facts as we see them.

In fact, we employ a professional editor with more than 30 years of industry expertise who edits every word in order to ensure that there are no potential censorship boundaries crossed in any of our articles.

But time and time again, Facebook continues to shut down free speech to appease the woke liberal crowd.

We leave you with the following video, which should set the tone for things to come … and prove our point.



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