Propaganda Won’t Propel BCPS to Top School Category
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 5th March 2017


On the heals of basically a paid advertisement by JHU to review the $375 million BCPS STAT program, BCPS failed to have any of the county’s elementary schools place in the top 100 according to the U.S. Department of Education recent report.

The last news article under the Buzz section of the Post covered this topic critically regarding how influenced and well-oiled this propaganda machine was pushed forward, using millions of taxpayer dollars. With that comes this scathing report in the  NY Times from as far back as 2007, which paints a completely different picture than the paid advertisement from JHU in its review of the three year STAT program in BCPS.

But more on that later…

For now, let’s update that Times article with some recent information.

From 2014, here is some information regarding the largest school system in the nation, Los Angeles, and that school system’s report on this type of program.

In addition to that troubling report form 2014 is this sordid article from 2015.  Even Hoboken threw in the towel regarding this unsubstantiated mess.

It begs the question–why on earth would JHU attempt to paint a pretty convoluted picture of the BCPS STAT program?

The short answer is that JHU is being paid by BCPS.  This proof of that is the “devil in the details.”  Ever hear of screen shot?  Well, some of our very informed readers know this well. In this particular screen shot,  JHU is caught pitching its program.

I will digress from that for the time being, but it is rather interesting that the page was taken down.

So, due to all of the hoopla over Dr. Dance’s much vaulted and still unvetted program, which continues to lack data as this Sun article points out, the “good doctor” continues to be lauded with awards.

Does anyone really think that 30% is a great number, especially when it represents that only 3 in 10 high school seniors are actually ready for the rigors of college?

According to this 2016 U.S. News report, only 37% of high school seniors can pass the math test for entry into college.

That kind of leaves MD in the dust, along with some other states.

As the Post editor wrote about recently, stop and think about this critically for a moment. Using a computer is a simple matter of putting the right words in the search bar, for which one does not need to have much knowledge of anything, especially math.  There are online calculators that do everything for you.  With a computer, one can appear to be a genius even though one has the IQ of a frog.

(Sorry for being facetious. I don’t want the animal rights activists getting upset that frogs are being given IQ tests or anything…)

Watching a video of how to do something and then actually applying that skill to real life are two entirely different things. If BCPS and Dr. Dance don’t understand that–even after staring the numbers in the face (3 in 10) when he moves on with millions of taxpayer dollars up in smoke–the system will be irreparably damaged.

You don’t need a computer to figure that out, folks.

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