Protest, prayer, or pandering? You decide.
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 8th June 2020
You’ve got to ask yourself a question: Was this commander protesting, praying, or pandering? (Video credit/Fox 45 News)


The Baltimore Post has received numerous complaints from citizens denouncing the Baltimore County Police Department leadership for their unfettered support of a movement that has led to, as described by many, a nation in anarchy.

Multiple photos have been popping up on social and mainstream media showing police officers, like the BCPD commander pictured above, kneeling with protesters during the daylight.

Meanwhile, many of the men and women in blue have been severely injured during the night hours by these so-called peaceful protesters.

In the following photo, you see a protester wearing a Baltimore Oriole’s T-shirt. Listen carefully to what she says at 20:40 of the video. This was approximately five minutes after the BCPD commander took a knee with the protesters.

A few moments later, the protester in the orange shirt, who railed against’s BCPD Chief Melissa Hyatt, spoke to the camera telling African American males to prepare for the revolution with ammunition.  (Video credit/Fox 45 News)


As we’ve stated in the past, we support the First Amendment right of people to speak freely, and that includes protesting. Our issue with the current movement pertains to the violence, looting, killing, and anarchy in some of our major cities.

Was the action pictured above by a ranking commander in the BCPD the right gesture given the fact that hundreds of police officers have been injured, many of them critically, and in some cases killed at the hands of these ‘peaceful’ protesters?

Just remember the carnage we’ve witnessed recently.

The Baltimore Post will have much more to say on these situations. We’ll also provide information about genocides in other areas of the world that are killing an untold number of black people, as well as how misinformation regarding police brutality will ultimately impact communities with largely minority populations.

As always, our motto is, “You read; you decide.”



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