High School Drama Continues for BCPS
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 25th May 2017
The PIA will seek the truth and hold BCPS accountable.


PIA filed in Dundalk High incident while Fox 45 breaks huge story on BCPS violence

PIA request will go a long way in finding out the truth at what happened at DHS


Fox 45 broke a huge story on violence inside BCPS, for those who think that the Post has been out of line with our recent string of columns.

The Baltimore Post also has filed a PIA regarding the recent incidents at the DHS.  Below is a copy of that PIA:


Baltimore County Board of Education

6801 Charles Street

Towson, MD 21204

May 23, 2017


 Dear PIA Officer:

Pursuant to the Maryland Public Records Act, State Government Article §§10-611 to 628, I request access to and copies of documents showing the information noted below.

I agree to pay reasonable duplication fees for the processing of the request up to $30.00. If the fee exceeds this amount please call me.

If my request is denied in whole or part, I ask that you justify all exceptions by referencing specific exemptions of the act in writing within 10 days of my request, as per law.

I look forward to receiving the records promptly.  Thank you for your cooperation.  If you have any questions regarding this request, please telephone me at the above number.


Buzz Beeler

Requested documents

All copies of emails, memos, memorandums, notes pertaining to the reason of Mychael Dickerson’s comments regarding the principae at Dundalk High School being on “long-term leave.” These notes should include any correspondence with any media outlets.

In addition, copies of phone records from Mr. Dickerson’s cell phone or land line relating to phone conversations with the Dundalk Eagle staff and/or representatives.

All copies of emails, memos, memorandums, notes, and orders pertaining any and all members of the Board of Education (Deputy Superintendent & Board Members) who responded to Dundalk High School and what action they took in doing so.

If the action is considered personal, provide the names of those who responded on the day in question.

All copies of emails, memos, memorandums, and notes from any board members concerning related material to the above described incident.

All copies of emails, memos, memorandums, and notes from any Baltimore County Police officials related to issues of violence in BCPS facilities or pertaining to the situation at Dundalk High School.


Meanwhile, in addition to the above request, the Post has filed a complaint with the MD State Ombudsmen regarding BCPS failing to respond to numerous PIA requests.

On the heels of this latest drama comes a troubling statement in an article by Liz Bowie of The Baltimore Sun dealing with Baltimore County’s interim school superintendent, Verletta White, who made the following statement prior to Fox 45’s breaking news report about BCPS violence.

After five years of rapid change under Dance, White said, she doesn’t see the need to make major course corrections. She said she’s planning to be a steady hand in carrying out the policies that Dance has begun.”

The question has to be asked if Ms. White’s intention is to continue the same path, following Dr. Dance’s failed agenda. If so, she should be warned that said path is headed in the wrong direction, as this quote from the Fox 45 report indicates: “Project Baltimore asked Baltimore County for the number and type of weapons confiscated since 2012.  The County told us those records don’t exist.”

Here’s another interesting quote from Dr. Dance: “Dr. Dance told the newspaper that while no one prepares superintendents for first days like this, school systems always prepare for such acts of violence.”

The Post also has requested comments from the following pols: Senator Salling; Delegates Grammer and Long; and members of the Baltimore County Council, including Councilman Todd Crandell.

As of press time, the Post has received no comment from anyone on that list.

This coming Tuesday, 5/30/17, Fox 45 will have a followup on its exclusive story.

Stay tuned for more coverage from the Post on how the State of Maryland handles our complaint against BCPS, as well as more information on the situation at DHS.

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