Pushing a Racial Agenda Too Far
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 16th January 2017

July 25, 2013 9:50 am ET

Federal tax dollars to be used for neighborhood “integration”

Source: Pushing a Racial Agenda Too Far

There are two types of discrimination in this world: excluding someone because of their race/creed/orientation, and forcibly including someone despite his/her differences in race/creed/orientation.

And, unfortunately, our President and his minions in the Federal Government believe that the first type is wrong, but the second type is OK. So OK, in fact, that they will use OUR tax dollars to push that agenda.

According to news reports, President Obama plans to force racial and ethnic diversity into neighborhoods, I was shocked and dismayed, for several reasons. First, is it really up to the Federal Government to dictate where people can/should live based on a racial mapping system? Second, in this time of increased national debt that your grandchildren’s grandchildren will still be paying off, is it acceptable to cost the taxpayer billions of dollars for, what I believe, is an overt move at racism? Finally, does it not trouble anyone else that our President’s entire failed agenda is leading this country on a path to chaos?

If you’re having trouble with that last statement, let me spell it out for you. The scandals plaguing the Obama Administration have been taking front stage, while his many plans—health, energy, foreign policy, and immigration—have floundered or just plain stalled.

You do the math.

Now, on the heels of all of the other failed agenda items, comes this new racial diversity campaign. But let’s call it what it really is—a racist move to force much of the country to follow the President’s vision of “harmony” at the expense of middle class taxpayers. This is the most ludicrous concept of which I have ever heard.

To me, it seems as though our great country (or once great—you decide) is being led by an ideologue who is out of control in his attempt to change the face of this nation by forcing us to adopt his grandiose and often failed visions. However, this one crosses the line of forcing socialism down our throats.

Here is what I find to be the most disturbing piece of the article:

“The federal government is getting serious about pushing racial and ethnic diversity into America’s neighborhoods–and is using big data and big money to achieve its aims.”

So as I see it, I have worked hard for everything that I have, but now the government is going to give away the equivalent to what I have (and worked hard to earn) free—at my expense, no less—and upset the balance of many neighborhoods by forcibly including those who often bring along the problems of Section 8.

That is just depressing.

Here is an interesting perspective on the 1970s push for public housing from an avowed liberal, economist Milton Friedman. His commentary on the subject is eye-opening, and—amazingly—the same circumstances that occurred in the 1970s are still taking place today.

Here is my opinion, and I don’t make this next statement lightly.

It is clear to me that the inner city problems of some of major urban areas is pause for some genuine concern. Take Chicago, for example—the homicide rate is out of control and, like many other major cities, financial problems are creeping into the picture. Take a profound look at the once great city of Detroit and it almost shatters the imagination.

But we don’t have to go as far away as Chicago or Detroit to see these types of problems. Our very own city of Baltimore is seeing a surge in gun violence and is facing financial crisis.

So, tell me again, how is forced integration of neighborhoods is going to be a good thing?

The bottom line to this blog is that the President continues to take his socialist agenda and force it down the throats of middle class Americans. The middle class of this country is rapidly becoming extinct because it is paying for everyone else’s mistakes. Wealthy investors gamble and lose in the stock market? Use government money from the middle class to bail out the investors. Lower class people need more assistance? Take the money from the middle class and help out the poor and unfortunate. After all, nearly half of all households in America live off government assistance.

The wealthy stay wealthy, the poor become dependent upon the government, and the middle class pays for it all.

In summary, our President is willing to spend billions on mapping out his grandiose vision of racial equality; based on the facts, this will only destabilize the middle class into oblivion.

The American dream is quickly becoming a nightmare, folks.

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