R is the New “Scarlet Letter”
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 21st January 2017

March 7, 2016 1:24 am ET

Leaders flee rather than face the truth on race

Source: R is the New “Scarlet Letter”

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Before I begin this journey of writing about the Patapsco incident—a subject that is so taboo that the mere mention of it sends pols running for cover, I want to clear the stage of any clutter, or a predisposition to the labels that will certainly come my way. In my opinion, the truth lies in the facts.

Let’s be clear—in the end, everything boils down to the facts. Take the old saying of, “It is what it is.” That is a saying that is ridiculous to some, and yet speaks volumes of truth to others. No matter what side of the aisle you’re on, the one factor often left out is the facts.

I will get to that in a moment.

First, here is a quote taken from Psychology Today:

“I’ve used this phrase, and for me it generally does meanacceptance of or resignation to, a situation that can’t be changed. I usually use it regarding a bad, uncomfortable or unpleasant situation. It would be a situation that I can’t explain why it happened, or I can’t explain what good could come from it.”

The facts, or at least what passes for the facts at the present time (until science unlocks the key), are, for the moment, “etched in stone.”

Two of these facts deal with the truth that, in modern times, two of the most evil men in history are white—Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin.

The mere fact that I wrote about the “R word” (race) and am a white male apparently puts me at a disadvantage in today’s society.

In political language, that means the liberals to the left will automatically brand me a racist.

When I wrote the blog on Councilwoman Cathy Bevinswearing a head covering and long dark overcoat to a conference involving Muslims, stating that I felt she was disingenuous and pandering, I was bombarded with e-mails over a variety of issues. The most prevailing one was a woman’s right to wear, at least in this case, a head scarf, thus rendering the issue benign.

Well it wasn’t so benign when the R word was cast about.

My response, ad-nauseam, was that it had nothing to do with wearing a head scarf, or even Mrs. Bevins attending the meeting, since that is part of her job. Rather, my blog was meant to point out the councilwoman pandering to a specific audience by being disingenuous.

After all, an elected official represents his/her constituents … all of them.

To me, representing something that she is not (normally) was more offensive. I would ask those who made this an issue, “How many times since that event has Councilwoman Bevins worn the same outfit?”

On person so upset over my writing even posted a Facebook “selfie” while wearing a similar scarf. However, since that time, the person’s scarf has disappeared.

That leaves us to understand the facts regarding my last two blogs on the BCPS, specifically the facts pertaining to the perception vs. the reality of two issues.

One issue dealt with the Patapsco High students putting on a skit depicting African American students wearing white masks while holding a student in chains, followed by a demonstration. The musical accompaniment, in part, was from the group NWA, and the song Straight Outta Compton was partially used.

Another issue reportedly occurred at Perry Hall Middle school, where a 6th grade teacher wore a “Black Lives Matter” t-shirt to class.

Now, let’s look at some very interesting—and undisputable—facts, shall we?

Teachers and other sources have told me that The Pacific Educational Group (PEG) is a tool being used in the BCPS system. This information was relayed anonymously, as those who shared were petrified of retaliation.

Not familiar with PEG? Here is a glimpse of the program:


Allow me to refer back to a recent BCPS board meeting where two women testified before the board. It is important to watch this clip:


So the facts are that there are three witnesses that relate to problems associated with this radical PEG group.

Additionally, here are some very interesting facts that are not discussed within BCPS concerning Black History Month (BHM).

What is never discussed during BHM is the number of white soldiers who fought and died to free the slaves during the Civil War.

Why is that? Is it now PC to vilify the whole North along with the South?

Let’s take a look at the definition of the word discrimination:

Full Definition of discrimination

1. 1a: the act of discriminating b: the process by which two stimuli differing in some aspect are responded to differently

2. 2: the quality or power of finely distinguishing

3. 3a: the act, practice, or an instance of discriminating categorically rather than individually b: prejudiced or prejudicial outlook, action, or treatment <racial discrimination>

Here is a quote from a written response received from BCPS:

“We hold all types of events, including multi-cultural events…”

To that comment I say balderdash. My discussions with teachers have revealed the reality—they will tell what happens in the schools as long as their names are not mentioned, which means their jobs are not threatened. You see, anyone caught revealing Dr. Dance’s PC multicultural agenda, which demeans the values of our American culture, faces retribution. That is why our nation is called The United States.

Take, for example, the BCPS policy of replacing the signs in front of the school, flaunting state law by announcing the PC “winter break” or “spring break” instead of announcing the “Christmas holiday” or “Easter holiday.”

Heaven forbid that we allow such timeless and widely accepted labels to be used anymore…

Viewing the videos from my last blog about Patapsco High, showing the difference between reality and propaganda, most can see that there is a significant contrast.

The sad part regarding this whose issue of “the new Scarlett letter” is the total silence from the politicians, as we saw in Councilman’s Crandell’s arrogant response of “it’s not my job,” along with other similar opinions from Council Chairwoman Vicke Almond and state school officials.

Last night, I ran into another pol who was not aware of the incidents I wrote about, because the incidents weren’t covered in the newspapers.

I would say, in today’s media world, that anyone counting on the mainstream (or lamestream) media to guide a political career might be in peril. Most people have no clue as to the impact of social media or bloggers who report on the BCPS left-wing dictatorship.

The pol I spoke to asked me to send him the article. I strongly suggested that he do his job and feel the pulse of the community, let alone turn on his state owned computer once in a while and utilize all that the Internet has to offer.

If the police know about such things, and are doing their jobs, then it appears that the pols are either too afraid or too out of touch to do theirs.

Time will tell, just as this video clip reveals, the reality—far different than the perception—will be revealed.


In closing, the fear factor is off the chart. Usually when I write on an important community topic, the shares of the blog can run anywhere from 25 to almost 2,000. However, on this particular issue, which lit up Facebook, right after the first inquiry I made in seeking information, the line went dead.

In the end, there were just 2 shares and no comments. Unless I’m mistaken, I see fear personified.

There is a dialogue, but it’s coming from a one-way street in the name of Dr. Dallas Dance and the BCPS.

To that end, the rest of us may as well be talking to ourselves…

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