Raising Funds … and Questions
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 29th October 2017

The Baltimore Post will examine Councilman Todd Crandell’s fundraising ad

Now let’s play Truth or Consequences


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Let’s start off with the obvious: the headline banner claiming, “Todd pledged to make a difference, and what a difference he’s made.”

These are the facts concerning the Councilman’s claim, and the impact on the 7th District that Mr. Crandell represents, which encompasses Dundalk and parts of Essex. Let’s find out just what changes that were made in contrast to the spin listed on the campaign ad.

The following quotes are from the ad:

  • Not even through his first term in office and Todd has made good on his pledge to make our neighborhoods better and safer.

Here is the answer to that statement is:

Now, let’s load another bullet into the chamber:

  • Led the way to repeal the Rain Tax.

Sorry Mr. Crandall, you can’t take credit for that one because that’s the job of our legislators in Annapolis and not a councilman from Baltimore County


  • Sponsored the bill to facilitate job creation and redevelop Sparrows Point.

The Baltimore Post just provided the latest update on Tradepoint Atlantic, and our next column regarding TPA will reveal the truth about that project. A tidbit about that: one of TPA’s biggest employers to date, FedEx, is only offering 50 additional jobs for seasonal part-time work at a starting salary of  $13.50 an hour without benefits. That brings the total number of FedEx employees to under 300 to date.

We will have more information, as the Post captured video of the whole meeting.

Another bullet in the chamber, please.

The two bills Councilman Crandell is referring to have failed completely. One of those bills deals with harsher penalties for dumping in Baltimore County. The Post covered this issue before, and neither the county nor the police actually track any of that data. We could not find one charge related to Mr. Crandell’s bill.

His other bill deals with making it illegal to enter a county park if one has a previous criminal background. Same results on that bill as the first. The Post contacted Baltimore County and, again, no statistical data was ever collected on that issue. In fact, one of the biggest ongoing problems is associated with the Dundalk Renaissance Corporation and the Heritage Park. Anyone familiar with that area is well aware of the criminal element that resides in that particular park; this also creates a serious problem for the business community within the boundaries of that nightmare.

Ready, aim, fire!

  • Played an Active role in the rat eradication program.

Number one, Baltimore County does not have a rat eradication program. It is always been a piecemeal operation based on the community’s request for some sort of treatment. Now the Post believes Mr. Crandell is referring to the rat core group run by Mr. Cliff O’Connell. Mr. O’Connell donated large sums of campaign contributions to Councilman Todd Crandell’s coffers. It should also be noted that The Baltimore Post Is looking into some of these community groups, finding out that they are no longer active.

We will have more on that in another column.

Another round, another hole in the target.

  • Returned the Peoples’ voice to Towson.

If the voters are to believe that statement, then why did Councilman Crandell write resolution 86 – 15. which excluded the community from the decision-making process involving TPA? And on top of that, there are complaints of many community leaders that Councilman Crandell does not return phone calls or emails to  leaders unless you are a member of the preferred rat core group. As the old saying goes, “Money talks and BS walks.”

Now there are several interesting developments taking place within the 7th District that will, in our opinion, destroy the entire district. For example, we give Councilman Crandell credit for bringing down the Seagram’s property, but what will take its place?

Let’s start off with the sign below.  Here is a comment from one of the local community leaders regarding the project called Merritt Station: ” … with reservations. Among the “worry factors” are that 10% of the apartments will allow Section 8 housing, as well as the fact that more traffic will be to Merritt Blvd., which is already facing gridlock.




The picture reminds one of the ancient pyramids rising out of the desert into the sky, paying homage to the great pharaohs … or, in this case, Councilman Todd Crandell.

The bottom line to this whole impending disaster can be broken down quite easily if one takes the time. There are several major factors:

  1. The pyramids–or, in this case, Merritt Station–combined with Jon Vontran’s town home monstrosity which will include close to 200 townhomes, will create total gridlock on Merritt Boulevard.
  2. Once TPA “builds out,” as Councilman Crandell alluded to in the below recording of a meeting involving the former Bethlehem Steel site, there could be as many as 28,000 tractor-trailers coming through Dundalk per day on a 24/7 operation.
  3. Councilman Crandell openly admits that his district has the highest number of police calls for service in the county. So much for the safety issue.
  4. The Councilman speaks on the issues of TPA but would not answer the Post’s questions regarding the issue of jobs and how much of an impact this will actually have on the east side on the county. In fact, a PIA was filed by the  Post to ascertain that specific information. So far, we have heard nothing from either Councilman Crandell or Baltimore County regarding the request for said documentation.


This property is owned by Vanguard who was the developer involved in the government center fiasco


The below audio was taken at the community meeting where Councilman Todd Crandell recently spoke. Some of his answers contradict his campaign rhetoric.

As always, “You read; you decide.”


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