“Ratty” Response Comes Up on the Lame Side
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 29th January 2017
Councilman Todd Crandell, center, next to Cliff OConnell.

Some people just can’t handle the truth, folks.

Below is the response from Mr. Cliff OConell, the appointed leader of the R.A.T. Core by Councilman Todd Crandell, in reference to the Post ‘s investigation into the use of alleged illegal chemicals and a $10,000 campaign donation to Councilman Crandell.  In addition, there have been allegations of the Core group censoring select members of the group.  Here is Mr. OConnell’s entire post, along with  comments:

“Recently I suggested bringing motorcycle clubs into some of the community’s in the 7th district to deal with the street drug markets. Just today in a community in broad daylight there was a serious incident where thugs were involved. Street thugs some operating open air drug markets at the corners. The police response took thirty minutes for what was a very serious incident . We have one of the best group of police officers and detectives in the country. However they are stretched to thin. I have been told there are only eight or nine drug detectives for all of Baltimore county. I also have heard that our public officials have been asking for more officers and detectives so this isn’t a secret. So with that all said, after I made the suggestion of motorcycle clubs coming in to help I had some officials tell me that is a little radical Cliff. I also had a local small time blogger in his gossip column speak of how he sent a letter to the states attorney and the director of public affairs for Baltimore county police asking for their comment on my vigilantism. This small time blogger along with others do not like my idea. Guess what ? I don’t like it either and wish there was another way to stop this decay of our older community’s. If it isn’t the dam rats biting at our heels or the slum landlords renting every home they can to terrible tenants its the thugs telling us not to sweep the leaves form our corners because it is their corner. Did anyone who didn’t like my idea read all the residents reply posts ???? Well then dammit they better. The residents love the idea and are willing to donate to the motorcycle clubs. The community leaders are for it also ! If the powers in control don’t like my idea then they better pull the rabbit out of the hat real quick because I have made contact with these clubs and am moving full steam ahead with my plans. Just look at the motorcycle club members as Guardian Angels on two wheels.”

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Comments posted only:

Tom Lantieri Stand your ground Bro

Cliff OConnell Thanks Tom.

Nora Heller Baublitz I totally agree with you Cliff. We cannot have our own COP in our neighborhoods in fear of our lives.These clubs will be our COP in our communities. I respect our patrol and Narcotics detectives in our Districts but like you said they are stretched very thin. It is not fair to them or our communities.

Susan McNeal- Winkler I love this idea .. we need to keep our community safe for our families

Cliff OConnell Thanks for your support Susan McNeal- Winkler

Kevin McDonough Years ago we had a horrible troubled drug house in our community. The teenager who lived there and the parents used and sold drugs. The teenager threw wild parties when the parents weren’t home. It became a major nuisance to the community and impacted …See More

Cliff OConnell Kevin McDonough the residents have pics and made numerous calls and know where they live. Many residents and leaders are afraid of these guys. They are small time corner dealers. Something has to be done !

Debby Trent Great idea Cliff!

Michelle McConn Blattler I’m just curious how the bike clubs would be able to help?

Cliff OConnell Take back the corners by their sheer presence . Put club members on these corners and aslo have them patrol on their bikes. Its only a couple of corners. Tell the thugs …NOT IN THIS COMMUNITY.

Michelle McConn Blattler Yeah we have a lot of bike clubs around here that do great things..

Michelle McConn Blattler We have a club here made up of cops, firefighters, emt. Do you have that club there?

Cliff OConnell Michelle McConn Blattler yes we do to toy runs, fund raisers for many good causes.

Michelle McConn Blattler Warthogs…

Cliff OConnell Michelle McConn Blattler There are many clubs and I will talk and meet with any that are interested. There is an all female club too which I would love to have involved.

Lynne Hartnett Mitchell Cliff every comnunity in the District is feeling exactly as you are. We have wonderful, dedicated officers. However, the fiber of our communities have changed. Our communities have more crime, trash, rats and problems then alot of urban city neighbo…See More

Cliff OConnell Thanks for your support Lynne Hartnett Mitchell. There is an all female motorcycle club also . I would love to get them involved.

Andrew Holt Idk unc you can’t fight fire with fire. Then again maybe you can. Got to go to the root of the problem or it’s just a waste of resources. Stop the drug flow and build up the community with sports, healthy living/families and education.

Cliff OConnell Hard to do when drugs and crime are making the good residents leave and slum landlords are bringing in undesirables.

Andrew Holt Cliff OConnell bring stop and frisk into the county!?

James Harrison Street My Batman offer still stands Cliff OConnell????

Samantha Bongiorno Tarr Get it done Cliff, would love to see this area get back to the way it should be..kids, families, sports..

Shelia Boller Great idea! I will support you and know some motor cycle guys that would be more than happy to help. I bet President Trump would like it also???

Josh Fields Hey Buzz Beeler (Expletive) you and your wanna be blog site! Send this post to the state attorney and let us know what they say back!!! Lol


NOTE: The Post removed the profanity used in the last post by Mr. Fields.

Now let’s take a look at Mr. OConnell’s reply, as well as the first article in the Post (highlighted above) dealing with this unfolding issue. It seems that many of the facts seem to be omitted by Mr. OConnell.

Right in the beginning of Mr. OConnell’s response, he attacks the police department for their response time involving a “thug” incident.

Mr. OConnell further justifies his actions of using motorcycle clubs by claiming the Baltimore County Police Department is “stretched to thin.”  (I left the misspelling there.) One has to ask where the statistical data to back up this comment can be found?

If Mr. OConnell feels that there are more police required to protect the public, why doesn’t he approach his Councilman, Todd Crandell, who has said nothing on this issue.  One would think that, given the close relationship that the two men have, Mr. Crandell will snap to at Mr. OConnell’s call and do his sworn duty by presenting the information to the County Executive or the council, armed with Mr. OConnell’s so-called “well researched evidence.”

Sources inside the R.A.T. Core group stated that the private messages were sent directly to the County Executive and, based on the language used (which the Post will not make public), there may be some friction between those involved.

In another rather lame inaccurate statement, Mr. OConnell is quoted as follows: “I also had a local small time blogger in his gossip column speak of how he sent a letter to the states attorney and the director of public affairs for Baltimore county police asking for their comment on my vigilantism.” Typical liberal tactic–attack those who oppose you with putdowns instead of facts.

The fact is that Mr. OConnell is not a victim but instead a bully who asserts his control over the Core Group through censorship.  I received another message of someone being kicked out, and even the Post submitted a request that was not acted upon.

In a private message to the Post, Mr. OConnell made the same accusations and alluded to the fact that he would use a legitimate media site to answer the Post’s request for a response. We’ll see how far that actually goes.

As a businessman, Mr. OConnell should know that what he has done is make an ad hominem attack on the Post.  Mr. OConnell won’t find that word in his repertoire (since he doesn’t know the difference between “to,” “too,” and “two,” after all).  Despite his putdowns, The Baltimore Post is a legally registered online news media site and not a blog.  I have asked Mr. OConell to do his research on some of the people who are responsible for this media site and apparently (like calling the BCPD ill-staffed) just refuses to do his homework.

Additionally, the Post is not a “gossip column,” as Mr. OConnell stated, but a local news site that features exclusive investigative journalism articles that, in many prior cases, were picked up by other local mainstream news sites.

Finally, regarding the the term blogger, Mr. OConnell again fails to do his homework, as this link to The Baltimore Sun demonstrates that most of the Sun’s top writers, reporters, and columnists write blogs.

I just hope Mr. OConnell doesn’t do automotive tuneups in the same uneducated fashion.

One more issue is the name of the chemical Mr. OConnell was to have used, which required a license to dispense (that he did not possess) prior to the one he claims he will use in his responses.  I know the name of the chemical, as do others. One has to wonder why he failed to mention that he was supposedly treating homes without a license.

Finally, Mr. OConnell never mentioned the amount of money he donated to Mr. Crandell’s campaign. For that kind of donation, one would think that the councilman would be out in front defending Mr. OConnell.  Shouldn’t 10 grand at least require some response from the councilman?

I seriously doubt SA Shellenberger, Chief Sheridan, or Captain Lilley of the Dundalk Precinct will be pleased reading such a “ratty” (and lame) response.

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