Ravens Nest Feathered in Taxpayer Dollars, Political Connections, and Corporate Cronyism
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 27th September 2017
Feathers provided by taxpayers.  Photo Credit: baltimoreravens.com


Part one in a series

The Baltimore Post reveals the latest deals involving Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti involving taxpayers, political connections, corporate cronyism, and the latest controversy

This series will examine issues involving Bisciotti and his cousin’s ties to Tradepoint Atlantic (TPA), as well as the politicians who push the agenda with some appropriated Ravens goodies


Last year, the below photograph stirred a national crisis within the NFL. Former San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick decided to take a knee during the National Anthem in protest of various civil rights issues. This link will explain his reasoning for doing so.


Photo Credit: www.inquisitr.com


Today, however, the #taketheknee controversy, and its now international fallout, may have catastrophic consequences for professional football. Some high-ranking sources indicated that England’s Prime Minister is concerned about the actions and reactions to the protests, and there may be second thoughts about the goodwill invitation extended across the pond to the NFL

Can you blame the Brits, particularly after the international debacle that occurred on world television?

Compare what the NFL players/protesters are doing to the photo below:

Anyone want to check the pay scales for their sacrifices.  Photo Credit: FOX News


Folks, that is taking a knee for the right reasons.

For reasons of clarity, The Baltimore Post is posting the following video displaying the words of our national anthem:


A must listen rendition. Credit: YouTube video

(Warning: Some Ravens fans may find this section offensive.)

As many of us saw this past Sunday, the protest among NFL players, of whom 70% are African-American, spread until it reached the home of National Anthem: the city of Baltimore, home of the Ravens.

Here’s a quote from the liberal HUFFPOST in 2016:

According to VICE, “African-American males are only six percent of the United States population, but comprise nearly 70 percent of the players in the National Football League.” The NFL’s 32 teams earned around $12 billion in 2015 with merchandise sales over $1.55 billion. As for Colin Kaepernick’s contribution to league revenue, the 49ers quarterback had the 3rd highest selling jersey in 2014 and 7th most coveted jersey in 2015. You can still get your Colin Kaepernick jersey at NFLShop.com for $99; recent controversy won’t get in the way of NFL profits.

As this issue began to gather steam and spread to similar protests along NFL players, the reason given was that the kneeling and anthem skipping were a response to the increase in veracity of comments by the President of the United States:


Credit: YouTube

Numbers don’t lie, folks. Monday night football ratings have dropped 9% from the previous year.

This all presents an interesting cauldron of debate. Consider this for a moment: NFL players are demanding the right to free speech, yet they want to deny that same right to the President of the United States.

That, folks, is what is commonly referred to as irony.

To take this issue one step further, let’s take a close look at some of the rules the NFL imposes upon their players.

So, logically speaking, the NFL controls many actions of its players. In addition to this issue of the right of free speech, let’s take a look at some of the restrictive actions placed recently upon some of the NFL players. These men, for all intents and purpose, have been denied their right to freedom of expression.

It was widely reported that one player wanted to recognize the heroes of 9/11 by attaching small emblem to his jersey. That request was denied by the NFL. There have been numerous other issues involving players who wanted to support causes, such as breast cancer awareness, along with other themes that projected pride in our nation. These also were denied by the NFL. (And, in another bit of irony, the NFL actually promotes breast cancer awareness.)

Before we wrap up this first part of the Post’s investigation into other matters that include taxpayer subsidies and political and corporate cronyism designed to benefit the special interest of the NFL owners, there are two more issues we will examine.

The first one deals with the response from the owner of the Baltimore Ravens, Steve Bisciotti:

We recognize our players’ influence. We respect their demonstration and support them 100 percent. All voices need to be heard. That’s democracy in its highest form.

If the NFL is so concerned about the rights of its players – which include the right to life as well as free speech – one has to wonder the motive behind the owners’ actions.

(Warning: The following video contains graphic violence and viewer discretion is advised)

Credit: YouTube video

In our next segment, we will go into detail involving the financial motivation behind Ravens owner Bisciotti, along with the potential political fallout in the world of politics.

Photo Credit: FOX Sports













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