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Posted by Buzz Beeler on 21st January 2017

February 18, 2015 9:27 pm ET

Victim of burglary loses job. Other threats allegedly made

Source: Ready … Aim … FIRE!

There is an old saying that goes, “It is not what you know, but who you know that will get you ahead in life.”

There should be a second version of that saying: “It is not what you know, but who you make mad because you know it that will cause you to not get ahead in life.”

I have written about the 4th degree burglary and destruction of property incident involving the County Sheriff’s office involving an eviction gone badly wrong. And, here I am, writing again about the incident … or at least something that seems awfully connected.

Double meaning on that last bit was definitely implied.

You see, folks, the victim in that incident has been fired from her job at the Sparrows Point Diner after working there for five years. I called the diner and was told the victim no longer works there.

Now, there are some issues that are very disturbing regarding this matter.

I interviewed the victim and was informed that, prior to the eviction gone awry that led to the criminal charges, there was at least one (of many) encounters where she was threatened; one of those threats had to do with the ability to work in this county.

I was told by the victim that there were several people present at that time, and there may have been some county officials who had personal interests in this matter.

I don’t know about you, but—to me—that is a blatant conflict of interest.

There are a lot of moving pieces in this whole matter. There is the crime, which involves a high-profile developer and a deputy sheriff, among others. If you connect those dots, they will lead you to a higher authority.

The information about which I inquired came from the victim, but—to be fair—the threats made regarding the victim’s employment came from a county official.

To make matters more “interesting,” we also have the role of the Baltimore City State’s Attorney. The case was sent to that office by the county state’s attorney’s office to avoid a potential conflict of interest.

One top official told me that it is rare for the county to send cases to the city. “Most go to Harford County,” my source said.
So, let’s follow the dots, shall we? Mr. Fisher was once the Operational Commander of the nationally acclaimed Warrant Apprehension Task Force in the Baltimore City Police Department. Now, that in itself is not an issue, but my conversations with the victim and her meeting with the two prosecutors from the city is one of concern, if what the victim is saying is true.

(Blogger’s note: I have talked to the victim many times and found out, at least so far, everything she has told me is true as I go about my fact checking exercises.)

According to the victim, the city’s state’s attorneys assigned to this case said the county deputy sheriff has been “dealt with,” meaning he was no longer on active duty. I have not confirmed this.

I did send Sheriff Fisher an e-mail but unfortunately I had the victim’s place of employment wrong. I did not receive an answer on the duty status of the deputy sheriff.

Also, again according to the victim, the city’s state’s attorney assigned to this case pointed to yours truly as a motive to question the victim’s actions.

Why this blogger is even involved in the state’s attorney’s case is beyond me.

According to the victim the city state’s attorneys said that my soul reason for this article was to get the story. Also according to the victim they told her she would lose the case by talking to me. I would respond by stating I want to be sure the truth is told.

The victim told the state’s attorneys that she had not spoken to me prior to my breaking the original story. That is the truth. As you may recall, the story came to me from a retired police officer, NOT the victim. All I did was refer to the police report.

It wasn’t until later that I spoke to the victim, and I cautioned her about dealing with the city’s State’s Attorney because of what she was telling me. The approach taken worried me, and with good reason; before long, the tables were turned, and it sounded like the case was over before it started. The burden of proof was suddenly on the victim, who was almost being forced to prove what happened.

It sickens me that our justice system has gone this low. What would happen if every person who reported a crime was badgered to prove that the crime happened? Isn’t that the investigator’s job?

Anyway, it appears that this whole issue goes deeper, but there is a video taken by the victim that could be rather telling in more ways than one. That is causing plenty of concern because video does not lie, despite the spin some would like to put on it.

I have heard and read some good things about the new City State’s Attorney, Marilyn Mosby and hope she keeps tabs on the assistants assigned to this case so that justice can be served. I might add the victim is taking an attorney to the next scheduled meeting with the city prosecutors.

Meanwhile, the new trial date is scheduled for March 26, 2015, at Kelso Drive.

Until then, I have some more witnesses to interview to bring this whole matter to light. I am a seeker—and publisher—of the truth, whether people like it or not.

And speaking of the truth, it seems there are some who prefer the old saying, “Mum is the word.”

No matter. Mum or not, the truth will come out. And, as my final old saying of the day tells us, “Sometimes, the truth hurts.”

Here comes the pain…

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