Received, Read, and Rebuffed
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 21st January 2017

May 4, 2016 8:50 pm ET

County’s response makes little sense

Source: Received, Read, and Rebuffed

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I check my email quite a bit, but I did a double take when a piece of correspondence arrived from the county. Naturally, I opened the message, since I was curious to its nature.

Upon doing so, I was, as the saying goes, “flabbergasted.”

At first, I thought it was a joke. I wasn’t sure if I was reading it correctly. To that end, I put my nose right up to the screen, squinted, and read it again.

Sure enough, it was the real deal. However, that doesn’t make it any less of a joke.

In order to clarify this, as I always do, I did my due diligence by performing a little research. Here is what I found in the archives of a time research program:

I then decided to delve deeper into the issue at hand and came up with another “time tested” research program, which I think this email may have been referring to.

I must preface this with a warning: THIS VIDEO CONTAINS A CIGARETTE ADVERTISEMENT.

Beyond that, this research delves into the minds of county government; which, in my acumen, is not hard to do.

It’s kind of like reading one of those “See Dick and Jane” books—simple stuff.

What is really hard to comprehend relates back to my first video research, if you can believe that.

If this blog sounds like a video from years gone by, then I think we can all understand my direct approach to this startling revelation by Baltimore County, as well as the level of deception it depicts.

With those words in mind, I consulted one of my former professors in an effort to decode this email. Here is the reply, referring to a way to see through this mind-numbing experience:

So, it begs the question, why would I say all of this about a very serious incident taking place inside one of our (former) top high schools?

(In case you missed the memo, I am referring to a recent blog subject—a student who assaulted a female teacher.)

Mind you, the school is Patapsco High, about which I wrote another blog involving a very controversial issue.

In an effort to pursue the truth on that issue, I sent in a PIA, which led me on a trip down the proverbial Yellow Brick Road.

For your FYI, this is the link to the person’s (Ms. Kobler) position in county government.

Now, without further glib commentary, here is the unveiling of the response to the alleged assault at PHS.

Be sure to hold onto something, and no screaming, please.

The response:

Hello Mr. Beeler,

I do not have any information regarding the incident you reference. Did you check with the Police Department or BCPS?



My answer may go something like this:

Dear Ms. Kobler:

Hell (excuse my language) yes, I checked with both agencies. I even wrote a blog about it and sent it to your office. (Scream)

I would also inquire as to the issue of not having any information “regarding the incident”—did you bother to ask, and who did you ask about it?

Now, I would completely understand your response if you were sitting where I am, BUT YOU’RE NOT!

You are the main (keeping it PC) person, woman, honcho, top aide, and (not PC) “Big Kahuna” in the grand scheme of things.

I will end this with one final thought: If the powers that be won’t respond to this person, why should I expect a response from that person, which is you, Ms. Kobler?

Do you see where I am now? It’s what the computer folks call the proverbial “CLOUD,” or another game of:

It’s making me dizzy already…

I can only imagine how parents and teachers feel having to live and work with those in the clouds.

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