Republican’s ‘Net Neutrality’ Proposal Called ‘Bait and Switch’
Posted by EditorDavid on 24th December 2017

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Remember that net neutrality legislation introduced by Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.)? TechCrunch is calling it “half-hearted” — and suspect.
It’s not going to happen, it wouldn’t help if it did and Blackburn isn’t someone you want writing this kind of legislation. Among other things, she thinks it’s the ISPs’ job to police content, and voted to kill the Broadband Privacy Rule.
In fact, Blackburn’s legislation would deal a “fatal blow” to net neutrality, argues Evan Greer, campaign director at the nonprofit Fight for the Future, writing in Newsweek:
Already one of Big Cable’s best friends in Congress, Marsha Blackburn, who has taken more than $600,000 from the industry, is pushing for legislation that would permanently undermine the FCC’s ability to enforce open internet protections. This bait and switch has been in the works for months. The telecom lobby’s end game is to use the crisis they’ve created to ram through legislation that’s branded as a compromise but amounts to a fatal blow to net neutrality… We don’t need legislation that’s been watered down with kool-aid.

A better solution, he suggests, is pushing Congress to overrule the FCC with a Congressional Resolution of Disapproval.

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