“Right” Response to “Left” Leanings
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 22nd January 2017

November 22, 2016 12:01 am ET

Hugs and safe spaces aren’t the answer

Source: “Right” Response to “Left” Leanings

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I’m writing this column in response to those who lean toward the political left (and, in some cases, the alt-left).

Too broad of a view? I suppose so.

After all, that statement only narrows it down to about 60 million people, give or take. So, let me get a little more focused. Today, I’m only going to focus on a few whose rhetoric seems to resemble a few traffic signs: Stop, Yield, and Do Not Enter.

My first focal point is Marisol A. Johnson, a member of the BCPS board, wrote a piece in the Sun that has some major flaws.


Before I get started, let me introduce (or reintroduce) Ms. Johnson.

Here is a copy of a story I wrote about her before she wrote “Dallas Dance clearly supports all Baltimore county children.”

With that stated, I will address some of the perceived flaws in her rhetoric, one if which takes place in her very first paragraph. That is where you will find this obnoxious statement:

“Donald Trump took the lead in the presidential race on Election night, Baltimore County School Superintendent Dallas Dance retweeted someone else’s message calling for educators to show students who might feel threatened under a Trump administration — among them people who are Muslim, black, Jewish or disabled — “that you love them and will protect them.”

In a rather broad brush statement, Ms. Johnson feels that President-elect Donald Trump is a threat to students in BCPS; however, she offers NO proof.

That’s what we call “left-wing propaganda,” folks.

Let’s move on, shall we?

Mrs. Johnson also writes “that retweet was simply a reminder to stand up for those groups that have not always enjoyed the same privilege in our country.”

And what privilege is that, Ms. Johnson?

Are you talking about ESOL, banning long honored traditions this nation was built upon, lunch programs, students assaulting teachers, or free lunches? Are these the students to which you are referring?

Do these students look like they need a hug?

Here is another beauty of a statement: “I’m a proud committed and open minded member of the Board of Education for BCPS,” and yet, without any evidence, you have already formulated your premise that President-elect Trump has displayed any type of behavior that would suggest that nonwhite students need protection.

Have you looked at the crime stats lately?

I love this quote: “…up to our educators to help protect all children from the ugliness of hate and teach them to reject it.”

I wonder who taught these kids in school. Some of their language indicates they need to attend ESOL remediation classes.

Ms. Johnson, you spoke out when a teacher was fired because she used the “N” word. Apparently, you are out of touch or don’t listen to rap music, where that word is very common.

You speak of an 88% graduation rate in BC, and yet the Sun reports otherwise.

Regarding you lauding Dr. Dance’s great success, you forgot to read this bit of news.

Please explain to me why one of Dance’s bureaucrats would fire a 20-year dedicated deaf paraeducator with a good record, causing her family to suffer terribly while the Superintendent rides around in his second new $70k SUV. Ask him what happened to the first SUV.

Speaking of that, apparently those $300 million plus tax dollars involving STAT aren’t working too well, per the testing.

Ms. Johnson, apparently this is more about protecting a Superintendent with two ethics investigations and pending a possible third involving his relationship with Mark Edwards of DC and a $10,0000 contract.

Since the left is not right, I’ll get to the rest of the defensive line (Board Members) later. I just received the two minute warning.

Mr. Johnson, there is a lot more to this story than Donald Trump’s election, and it begins with the blinders you and most the board are wearing.

Perhaps you can all find a safe space with plenty of hugs and coloring books. After all, I am told that is the left’s way of dealing with all the trauma following the election. You go ahead and bunker down—the rest of us will get to work making this country great again … with or without the likes of you.

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