RiNOs “Crash” Section 8 Party
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 4th April 2017
“Strange bedfellows” indeed…

First, let me explain the headline–a “crash” is the term for a herd of Rhinos (spelled differently in the headline because it is an acronym for “Republican in Name Only”).

With that said…

There is a term that applies to the above photo–strange bedfellows–which means, “unlikely companions or allies.”

And, as we have all learned over the years, “politics makes for strange bedfellows.”

With that in mind, lets identify the people in the photograph. From left are William Feuer, current President of the Dundalk Optimist Club and President of the Dundalk Reconnaissance Corporation (DRC), among other titles; Del. Robin Grammer, R-6; Steve Dishon, who sits on the board of the East Baltimore County Republican Club; and Del. Ric Metzgar, R-6.

The main question concerning this group revolves around their agendas, or their collective agenda.

The crux of this column encompasses two issues, the first being HB 172, the Home Act of 2017 (88 yeas to 53 nays in the House). Delegates Grammer, Long, and Metzgar, as well as Senator Johnny Ray Salling, opposed the bill.

The HB 172 deals with Section 8, as evidenced by the following:


Simply put, this legislation will bring Section 8 residents to every neighborhood in the county and state if the law passes in the senate. This issue falls back on the strange bedfellows remark from earlier, due to the fact that Mr. Feurer, as president of the DRC, along with executive director Mrs. Amy Menzer, run a liberal 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization with a controversial past. The DRC continues to spread its left-wing agenda on issues of housing and other controversial subjects, like turning the North Point Government Center into another shopping center.
Does Dundalk need another big box retailer like Target to produce more jobs? Doesn’t the DRC realize that retail jobs, for the most part, don’t pay living wages?
One would think that the DRC members would know such things, but only if its leadership is informed.
On the Section 8 side of the coin is the following quote:
“Community developer corporation Dundalk Renaissance Corporation is identified an advocate for section 8 redistribution/expansion being listed on the Baltimore County HOME act coalition of the community organizing outfit Bridge Maryland.”
The first, and most important, part of this equation is whether the political leaders of the 7th District (Delegates Grammer, Long, and Metzgar, along with Senator Salling) know about the behind the scenes movement to oppose any efforts to defeat the Section 8-related bill.
That, folks, is a very important question.
There are two more parts of the puzzle for this column, one of which deals with The East Baltimore County Republican Club (EBCRC) and Mr. Steve Dishon, who incorporated the organization.
As some of you may recall, the Post’s last encounter with Mr. Dishon ended with us barred from attending an announced “public meeting.” Mr. Dishon explained to the Post  that he was not going to allow our news site to “do a hatchet job” on the club’s guest speaker, Councilman Todd Crandell.
Now notice the difference between the first announcement that stated – open to the public – and the current announcement which is listed as members only.
Before I left the meeting, I confronted Mr. Feuer, another ranking member of the EBCRC , who chose not to make eye contact and failed to respond to my concerns.
As a result of that censorship debacle (since the Post was denied access to a previously announced ‘public’ meeting), here is a copy of the latest EBCRC meeting announcement:

East Baltimore County Republican Club (EBCRC)

Members Meeting @ 7:00PM

(6:30pm refreshments)

Tuesday, April 04, 2016

We meeting will be held at the
American Legion Post 38
3300 Dundalk Ave.
Dundalk, MD 2122

East County Republican Club Guest Speakers

(Brian & Greg)

Notice the “Members Meeting” description, which means that the public (i.e., the Post) is not on the invite list.

I wonder if the representatives from the Red Maryland blog site are truly members, but it is rather concerning if they are not due to the site’s role, which is defined in this link.

There are more implications here, especially looking at the impact on political leadership.

For example, the EBCRC can’t shield Councilman Todd Crandell from the fact that he meets regularly with the DRC but not his community leaders. When one constituent asked about why he stopped sending out his community newsletter, his response was, “Why don’t you do it?”

Quite the snarky reply, don’t you think?

Also, how will the EBCRC explain away the fact that the councilman no longer replies to many of his constituents, as one church leader discovered when he sent 7 unanswered emails to Mr. Crandell’s office.

I think that is a disgrace.

Finally, there is one more issue to discuss in this column, and that focuses on Mr. Greg Kline, general manager of Red Maryland.

I was working on a very sensitive article that necessitated contacting Red Maryland.  So I followed the group’s instructions: You can also call us and leave us a voicemail at 410-205-4875. Read more at http://redmaryland.com/contact/

It was late Sunday night, so I figured I would leave a message for someone on staff to retrieve and reply to the next morning.

Below is an audio file of the response from Mr. Kline. The first thing that came to my mind is that Red Maryland  is not the only conservative site out there, and it would have taken Mr. Kline about two seconds to use Google.

In summary, are there RiNOs among this group, which makes one wonder who will act as the zoo keeper.

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