Salling: Dundalk Ignored for Too Long
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 22nd January 2017

December 13, 2016 1:04 am ET

State Senator doesn’t horse around in his opinions on Kamenetz and Homan

Source: Salling: Dundalk Ignored for Too Long

Photo credit/Senator Salling’s Office

I think many of us who live in Baltimore County remember this 911 call when Mr. Fred Homan fell off his horse while riding. Yet, despite that setback, Homan is, per sources, seeking to build an equestrian center in Cockeysville.

At least one of our elected officials has the guts to stand up to a county administrator, who runs roughshod over his boss Kevin Kamenetz, who both cost the taxpayers of Baltimore County tens of millions of dollars. Homan’s faux paus include the failed Main Sail investment of $25 million, not to mention countless court appeals to the point of both Homan and Kamenetz being held in contempt of court by one judge.

It gets worse when you figure the ADA lawsuits filed against the county costing many more millions as both Homan and Kamenetz continued to defy federal law after being warned of their transgressions.

With that said, let’s see what Senator Johnny Ray Salling (R-6) has to say about the latest “smackdown” by the MD State Board of Public Works.

You see, Homan’s dream of (as Mick Jagger would sing) wild, wild horses couldn’t drag me away is about to be voted away.

Here is Senator Salling’s press release containing some of his thoughts on both the riding center and the North Point Government Center:

Another Slap in Dundalk’s Face

If there was any doubt that County Executive Kamenetz ignores the needs of Dundalk, all doubt has been erased with his latest maneuver to ask the State to contribute $2.3 million from Program Open Space to build a new 9,800 square foot indoor horse riding center in campaign donor-rich Cockeysville, while at the same time planning to sell the North Point Government Center to a developer.

Kamenetz cloaked the development of the riding center in secrecy, failing to obtain input from the community or the nonprofit Maryland Agricultural Resource Council and doing away with a public presentation. The rush to complete this Kamenetz pet project is all too obvious. George Mayo, president of the nonprofit agricultural council only learned of the project’s details two weeks before grading of the site started.

When it comes to foot-dragging Kamenetz is a master at dragging his feet regarding Dundalk’s needs. He has let the North Point Government Center, which could have served many needs of the Dundalk community, fall into disrepair and dilapidation. Kamenetz plans to sell the Center to a developer who will replace it with a mall and fast food restaurants.

Thank goodness, Dundalk has two very good supporters in Governor Larry Hogan and State Comptroller Peter Franchot. They have fought with us against County Executive Kamenetz to install window air conditioners in our sweltering public school classrooms. And they have, at least temporarily, stopped the Kamenetz plan to sell the North Point Center to a developer.

Adding to his perfect record of ignoring Dundalk’s problems, Kamenetz continues to withhold his consent to a state plan to eradicate midges in the Back River area.

I am quite aware that Dundalk and our 6th Legislative District is neither a democrat stronghold nor where the big campaign donors live. However, County Executive Kamenetz was elected to serve all of Baltimore County citizens equally and to the best of his ability. Where the Dundalk area is concerned, he does neither.

I am against County Executive Kamenetz’s indoor riding complex. The needs of Dundalk have been ignored by him for far too long.

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