School Pledge Reveals More Deceit From our Elected Officals
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 15th February 2018
Find the good Council member. Hint: he is standing second from the left. (Photo credit/Baltimore County Government)


The Baltimore Post extends our prayers and sympathies to the victims of the horrific school shooting that occurred in Florida.


Well folks, once again we see where the priorities lie for the Baltimore County Council, as well as for a man who has aspirations of being Maryland’s next governor.

It seems that Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz has once again presented his true colors to the taxpayers and citizens of this county.

Here’s a quote from ABC Channel 2 News that is rather telling:

Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz has announced that he will budget the funds for an entirely new building for Dulaney High School in the FY2019 budget.


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It was a move that doesn’t surprise those of us who recognize Mr. Kamenetz’s political aspirations. However absurd this may sound, this is not the only issue that impacts what could be called a political scandal as in our children suffering in classrooms without air-conditioning.

The Baltimore Post never makes such accusations without doing some research. We have chosen our words carefully in describing this absolute travesty set upon the people of the district of Councilman Wade Kach, who (as you might have already guessed) is the only decent Council member.

What we have here is a basic economic situation dealing with funding and/or the almighty $$$.

Let’s make this equation as easy as simple math with a cheat sheet. In order for Mr. Kamenetz to make the statement above regarding the funding of the new Dulaney HS, there has to be knowledge of the county’s coffers. And, as many already know, the Council typically has rubber-stamped everything Mr. Kamenetz has wanted.

It is our humble opinion that there is plenty of blame to go around for this false promise inflicted upon people who truly believed in their leadership. Let’s take a look at some of those issues.

Let’s start with the development known as Towson Row. The Post has given this issue extensive coverage regarding the ties between elected officials and developers in Baltimore County.

Let’s also take another look at the egregious issue involving Tradepoint Atlantic.  We use the word egregious because this is more corporate cronyism run amok that robs the citizens of this county of their tax dollars, which are funneled to some of the richest people and corporations in the country.

We will take this a step further by revealing that there are also politically connected and funded nonprofits with their hands in the proverbial cookie jar, such as the Dundalk Renaissance Corporation. 

Here’s another interesting quote from Councilman Tom Quirk:

“And I refuse to stand by and let the county executive try to get all the credit and then give all the pain to the next county executive and next county council,” Quirk said. “It’s irresponsible and it’s politics at its worst.”

Don’t you just love Councilman Quirk’s obtuse statement of “politics at its worst?”   That is a rather strange comment coming from a man who reportedly was involved in a situation, as reported in a Baltimore Sun article:

State prosecutors said Whalen, owner of Whalen Properties, gave a total of $7,500 in cash to three people — his personal fitness trainer, an employee and a friend — and asked them to write personal checks to the campaign of Councilman Tom Quirk, a Catonsville Democrat, in 2011. The illegal practice, known as straw contributions, can be used to conceal the identity of a political donor.

So, in reality, there is plenty of guilt and fleecing of taxpayers to go around.

Now let’s do some simple math and add up some tax dollars ill spent…

Let’s begin with the $43 million loan to Towson Row. Add to that another couple of million to Under Armour, loans to TPA, and grants to the DRC.

You can see how all this money begins to add up.

With that said, it’s up to every voter in this county to take back the power under the Constitution of the United States that gives the citizens the right to control the government, rather than have the government control the citizens.

What is sorely needed in Baltimore County is a broom to sweep out this unholy alliance with the politicians and their special interests, which are destroying the very fabric that once made this great county a place to live.

Let’s put in place pols who are FOR the people.


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