School Violence at Crisis Levels
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 4th June 2017



Warning, this video shows extreme violence inside a BCPS facility

Viewer discretion is advised


The Baltimore Post believes it is imperative for teachers, parents, political officials, and BCPS administration to view this video (and others to follow) in an effort to shine a light on the unprecedented violence occurring within our public school system.

As the publisher of The Post, I have advised our staff to take every precaution to ensure that identities are protected, for anyone in the videos or FB conversations dealing with personal accounts.

I strongly believe that, just as what occurred in London, the unrestricted violence in the BCPS system is another form of terrorism inflicted upon our children.

Adding to the problems is a politically correct agenda that refuses to address the issues at the heart of this violence.  In addition to the extreme violence occurring within the halls of our schools, I have uncovered a deliberate attempt by BCPS officials and, believe it or not, a cover up by the Baltimore County Police Department’s Media Relations department that will be revealed in a future column.

While the Baltimore Sun continues to devote a majority of its journalistic efforts on bashing President Trump, the Post will continue to bring its readership our exclusive reports that impact the citizens and taxpayers of the Baltimore Metropolitan area.

With that said, this is a another look at the out-of-control violence in BCPS  presented in the form video and FB messages from frustrated parents.  In some of these future postings you will notice a fear of retaliation among teachers. They believe speaking out will cause them to lose their jobs.

Prior to press time, I reached out to two public officials, Delegate Robin Grammer (R-7) and Senator Johhny Ray Salling (R-7).  Delegate Grammer made some strong statements, while Senator Salling did not return my phone call. I’ll have more on that issue later, including a call for a certain BCPS board member to step down for not dealing with this ongoing crisis.

Here is the first video. We apologize for the language.  The school will not be identified; however, the Post verified that this happened at a BCPS facility.

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