Schools Crumble While Pols Mumble
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 22nd October 2017
What did you expect? It’s election time. Photo credit/BCPS


From the “halls of Montezuma” to the hallways of the county schools–the words of a U.S. Marine about discipline in BCPS

If every classroom and school hallway had a Mr. Hartlove, there would be no problems – period!


Folks, you can tell when it’s election time, because the politicians come out of the woodwork and begin to speak as if they were actually involved in a situation that has been going on for years.

Let me give you some examples of inaction by our politicians regarding violence in our Baltimore County Schools.

Where were the politicians seen speaking in the video below when the situation at Dundalk Middle School took place? Were they hiding beneath their desks?

What about the news item that Mr. Hartlove references involving the Sparrows Point Middle School, when the Post reported this issue?

Issues involving school violence in our classrooms have been reported many times, but no one wanted to go on the record involving these issues. If anybody can find any such announcement in another publication, please let us know. Let’s go one step further in our exclusive coverage of the Dundalk High School incident, where the principal was walked out of her office by high-ranking BCPS Officials.  The Post reached out to numerous politicians, and the results were either “this is off the record” or “no comment,” which is hardly the job of elected leader of our communities. Sen. Johnny Salling was the only one who responded when The Baltimore Post contacted his office with information about the situation, which was quickly growing out of hand.

Watch the video below and you will see exactly what we are referring to.  All of a sudden, when the election cycle is just around the corner, these politicians want to speak out on a situation that has been going on for many years.

Folks, these issues do not happen overnight.

I’m sure many people have seen the video of the conditions Landsdowne High School, along with the environmental nightmare of Delaney High School.  Where was the outcry over these issues by our political leaders? The answer that question is there was none.

Now back to the video below. You will hear two speakers. One is Delegate Robin Grammer.  In all fairness, Delegate Grammer did speak with The Baltimore Post. But after our request for a written statement, there was no more contact with the delegate.

The next speaker was Delegate Bob Long.

You watch, you decide.

Here is what I will refer to as an embarrassing moment for Councilman Todd Crandell.  As you will see in the video, he was present at the meeting. When called upon to speak, he was ill prepared to make a cohesive statement regarding one of the most important issues facing the health, well-being, and safety of our children in a school system that, in our opinion, is failing the taxpayers and citizens of Baltimore County.  Here is a quote from a recent Baltimore Sun article:

“Baltimore City and Baltimore County students scored below the state average. In the city, only 15 percent of students passed the English test and 11.9 percent passed the math. The pass rate in Baltimore County went down in elementary and middle school math by 1.6 percentage points, with 30.3 percent of students passing. In English, passing rates improved by 1.4 percentage points to 36.5 percent.”

Amazing, isn’t it?

All anyone hears these days is more spin from the BCPS Administration. There is absolutely no transparency, as evidenced by the months of waiting for a PIA from BCPS regarding very important information involving a potential investigation. What is even more distressing is that the Post filed a complaint with the Maryland Ombudsman months ago to no avail. We are still waiting!!!

The citizens of Baltimore County can not, and must not, tolerate what is happening to our educational system under the current leadership. Hopefully, when the midterm elections come, we can sweep aside those entrenched in the cesspool of politics, propaganda, and spin and once again make BCPS one of the finest public school systems in the nation. Hopefully no child or teacher will have to to go to school and fear for his/her safety and well-being ever again.

You won’t read any of this in the mainstream media outlets around here. They are too busy reprinting press releases containing spin from politicians and school officials.






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