Self-congratulating DRC gives award to one of its own board members
Posted by Buzz Beeler on 23rd April 2018
Photo credit/Nicole Rodman, The Dundalk Eagle


There are several issues in play regarding the Milestone Award honors given out at the DRC’s recent gala, but we’ll focus on just one issue for now.

The Post wonders if it is self-serving of the DRC to bestow an award on a one of its own board members.

That “award-winning” board member is Aaron Tomarchio. Here is his profile and photo:

Aaron Tomarchio

Board Member

Work: Vice President, Corporate Affairs – Tradepoint Atlantic

What Most Excites Me About Being Part of DRC: Dundalk is indeed on the cusp of a real renaissance, and I am very happy to play a part in helping to bring jobs and economic opportunity back to this strong venerable community. DRC’s mission to help individuals and families realize the dream of home ownership is especially meaningful to me. I strongly believe in reinvesting in older communities as they are the backbone of our American society. Let’s focus on rebuilding and reinvestment rather than policies of the recent past that lead to abandonment of our urban and traditional community centers.

How I Got Involved: I first got involved with DRC when I joined Tradepoint Atlantic to help remake Sparrows Point into a regional economic center for jobs and opportunity. Getting involved with community based organizations was important to help better understand the needs and visions the greater Dundalk community has. I look forward to working together to make Dundalk a great place to live, work, play, and raise a family.


If Mr. Tomarchio’s comments were sincere, then it appears that one of the local politicians from the district that includes Dundalk has a different point of view. That delegate, Ric Metzgar, posted the message below from his Facebook page, and he seems rather upset with the condition of the post office located right in the heart of DRC territory.

Please click on image to enlarge.


Truth be told, folks, the DRC has failed its mission in a number of ways. First, let’s look at the territory the DRC is subjugated to improve with large amounts of taxpayer money. Has it really improved? Has Mr. Tomarchio lived up to his quote?

“I look forward to working together to make Dundalk a great place to live, work, play, and raise a family.”

Mr. Tomarchio’s words ring rather hollow after you see this video:


What you see in the photo below pretty much sums up the situation in the DRC’s own backyard.

This property is owned by Vanguard who was the developer involved in the government center fiasco


The situation continues to get worse as we begin to see development of Merritt Station–another large anticipated Section 8 apartment complex on Meritt Boulevard. What is especially troubling about this new apartment development is the lack of a road in or out of this complex. Imagine the impact on rush-hour traffic as the residents of another 100+ apartments attempt to get to where there is no road leading out of the complex.

Instead of a Nightmare on Elm Street, we will be seeing (and feeling the effects of) a Nightmare on Merritt Boulevard.

The most troubling aspect of this whole situation is that our local politicians, such as Councilman Todd Crandell, provide the DRC with millions of dollars in grant money; funding that is supposed to make the 7th District a place to call home.

Some of you may remember the article the Post published on the DRC’s lease, which was terminated as a result of a tardy response by the landlord’s request.

We received the following information regarding that issue:

One of the questions I asked concerned the DRC’s move from its old office. The reason provided (which I confirmed with former DRC members) was that Dr. Menzer failed to sign a lease on the old office space. Normally, this would not bother me. However, the move took place right after about $50,000 to $60,000 was spent on renovations.

As usual, there was no response from Dr. Menzer pertaining to our inquiry.

The Post will continue to ask the tough questions regarding how our hard-earned tax dollars are being spent, especially when a politically connected corporation like the DRC is doing the spending.

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